Please note that this event uses the Zoom platform and all presentations will be given in English.

*This event will be held fully online due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  There are minor change in the time schedule.  Please check the updated program.

Updates as of 10 May, 2021

*Time is Japan Standard Time


1st June, 2021

(SGT) (EST) May 31
8:20-8:30  Opening by OIST President Peter Gruss (7:20-) (19:20-)
8:30-8:35  Introduction by Dr. Kae Nemoto and Mr. Jesper Koll (7:30-) (19:30-)
8:35-9:05 Dr. Artur Ekert (University of Oxford, Centre for Quantum Technologies & Okinawa Science and Technology Graduate University)
Introduction to quantum technology and its impact on information security
(7:35-) (19:35-)
9:05-9:15 Q&A (8:05-) (20:05-)
9:15-9:45 Dr. Christopher Monroe (Duke University & University of Maryland)
Experimental progress in building quantum computers. Will they be here any time soon to threaten classical methods of encryption?
(8:15-) (20:15-)
9:45-9:55 Q&A (8:45-) (20:45-)
9:55-10:25 Dr. Michele Mosca (Institute of Quantum Computing, University of Waterloo)
Can we afford to wait or should we be actively looking for solutions to protect the integrity of the existing cryptosystems?
(8:55-) (20:55-)
10:25-10:35 Q&A (9:25-) (21:25-)
10:35-10:50 Closing by Dr. Kae Nemoto and Mr. Jesper Koll (9:35-) (21:35-)