[Quantum Computation] Lecture 5: Grover’s Search Algorithm (amplitude amplification) and Quantum Error Correction


Tuesday, June 21, 2022 - 09:00 to 10:00


C209, Center Bldg


Title: Quantum Computation

Lecture 5: Grover's Search Algorithm (amplitude amplification) and Quantum Error Correction 


Speaker: Prof. Jingbo Wang from the University of Western Australia


Quantum information and computation is a rapidly evolving interdisciplinary field, involving physics, mathematics, computer science, and engineering. Instead of brute-force miniaturization of basic electronic components, quantum computation utilizes an entirely new design architecture, based on fundamental quantum properties, such as superposition, interference and entanglement. It offers the prospect of harnessing nature at a much deeper level than ever before, providing a wealth of new possibilities for communication and information processing. Quantum computation holds the promise of solving problems that are otherwise intractable on conventional computers.



Prof. Jingbo Wang is the Director of the QUISA Research Centre (https://quisa.tech/) hosted at The University of Western Australia, leading an active group in the area of quantum information, simulation, and algorithm development. Prof. Wang and her team pioneered quantum walk-based algorithms to solve problems of practical importance otherwise intractable, which include complex network analysis, graph theoretical studies, machine learning, combinatorial optimisation, and quantum simulation. She is currently also the Head of Physics Department, Deputy Head of School of Physics, Mathematics and Computing, and Chair of Quantum Science and Technology Topical Group within the Australian Institute of Physics.

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