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Wednesday, May 1, 2024 (All day)


Quantum Machines Unit


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Research Posts in the Quantum Machines Unit

We are seeking two researchers to join the Quantum Machines Unit.

Theoretician in Quantum Sensors

Quantum assisted sensors are already a reality and have multiple possible applications, ranging from precision measurements of gravity, through to inertial sensing, magnetometry and sensing of novel forces and particles (search for gravity waves, dark matter, chameleon forces). Quantum precision sensors can also be useful for quantum computing to sense and control quantum noise. Quantum sensors can be networked via quantum channels to provide a distributed quantum sensor network and can also involve error correction to help improve the signal to noise character of the sensor. In particular our levitated systems should be capable to exquisite sensing due to their large mass and high level of mechanical isolation.

We are seeking a theorist who can work with us on theory of quantum sensing with particular application to mechanical systems, spins systems for inertial, force and magnetic field sensing. Working with experiments is a plus!

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Experiments in Hybrid Quantum Systems

We have experimental efforts focused primarily on levitated systems. These are magnetically levitated systems where we engineer the motion using combinations of material science, chemistry, electromagnetic actuation, optical and microwace forces and readout. These experiments bring together a wide range of skills ranging from vacuum science, through to FPGA programming and both free-space, fibre and integrated photonics. We have already achived motional Q factors which are almost a million and aim for much higher.

We are seeking an experimentalist who can help us towards our drive towards the macroscopic quantum regime of motion. They should have some background expertise relevant to the above mentioned science.

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Deadline for applications are both May 1st or until they are filled.

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