Procurement & Supplies Section

OIST調達関連のページです。 Procurement & Supplies Section


 OIST (Okinawa Institute Science and Technology Graduate School) is a brand new established graduate school corporation, to create a new model of education/ research in science and technology. OIST is a public entity in Japan which established by national law, and presently operated by the subsidy from national fund. Consequently, it is really important to secure and maintain fairness, transparency and efficient use of resource, and keep appropriate compliance with accountability to the stakeholders from such viewpoint.
 Besides, considering the purpose of OIST that to establish world-wide first class graduate school which conducts cutting-edge research and education, while keeping proper compliance with national law, regulations and budget limitation, in parallel, we believe that it is important to keep continuous validation on the style and method of procurement in a research institute, and craft the most efficient procedure by a radically new idea.



 We would like to ask your cooperation and detail understanding on the points of attention related to business transaction with OIST. Please follow the below link for Public tender announcement, past contract records and detail instruction about OIST procurement.

Dear business partners


恩納キャンパスへお出でになる皆様へ  For visitors to the OIST Onna Campus

 We would like to announce a guidance of approaching to the OIST Onna-Campus as below. Please check this preliminary your visiting as well as a procedure of making appointment. Thank you very much for your understanding and kind cooperation.

Approach guidance to the OIST Onna Campus


OISTの皆様へ For OIST members


 In this website you can find information about rules, regulations and procedures for procurement related to PRP Chap.28 (please refer regulations related to procurement), and some notification for the external business partners.
Please refer to basic procurement rules in OIST, and for more general finance rules and detailed procedure of purchase, please visit the internal website of the Division for Financial Management.