Public Lecture - "Can we extend our healthy life span? ~The Okinawa way ~" by Dr. Makoto Suzuki


Thursday, June 6, 2019 - 10:30 to 12:00


B250, Level B, Center Building



Senility is the biggest risk factor for the detrimental decline in function of every vital organ as well as for various diseases that affect the elderly.

It is one of the impending themes which should be solved by the 21st century. We have worked diligently toward clarifying the mechanism of this morbid state and the development of new treatments for age-related diseases in developed nations. However, I’d like to explain what mechanisms to extend healthy aging have been discovered up to the present and the possibility of delaying aging by lifestyle intervention, especially by promoting health and resilient wellbeing.  
Firstly, I’d like to introduce an autopsy case of a healthy centenarian in Okinawa and the pathological state of the final stage of life in this human being. Secondly, I will discuss the current situation of new advanced research of healthy longevity. I will also introduce the healthy well-being regions in the world, known as Blue Zones, and several typical resilient longevity cases produced by preserving Ikigai in Okinawa with an emphasis on spiritual wellness factors being more crucial to maintain resilient longevity.

Finally, I would like to suggest to those of you who wish to pursue centenarian research to conduct research through in-home visits and in-person interviews with the centenarians rather than in research laboratories alone.  From the start of your studies, I advise you that it is more important to acquire a close relationship with an intimate connection to centenarians, their family members and their attendants to make your study more successful.


Makoto Suzuki, M.D., Ph.D., is a cardiologist and geriatrician. He is a professor emeritus and the former director of the Department of Community Medicine at the University of the Ryukyus. He recently retired from his position as professor in the Department of Human Welfare at Okinawa International University. Currently, he directs the Okinawa Research Center for Longevity Science and is the principal investigator of the Okinawa Centenarian Study. The study is entering its 36th year and is the longest continuously running centenarian study in the world. He was recently presented with the Nishi-Nihon New Award to recognize this lifetime contributions to health and well-being in Japan.

Language: English (Japanese simultaneous interpretation will be provided.)

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