State-of-the-Art 3D Tissue Culture & Organoids 2019


OIST is a young, international graduate university that offers a 5-year PhD program entirely in English. We plan to double the number of faculty and research staff over the next 5 years. Part of this growth strategy includes exploring new areas of research that may enhance OIST’s scientific portfolio through workshops and symposia, such as this one. Organoid research is a dynamic, interdisciplinary area of research with great potential to impact many aspects of biomedical science. This symposium aims to bring together renowned experts in the field to cover and discuss the basics and development of three dimensional tissue culture technology, its widespread application and the promise it holds for future medicine. It serves as a platform for stimulating new research ideas based on organoids as well as to introduce the potential of this technology to researchers in cell biology and beyond.


  1. Organoids for modelling of tissue/organ development and tissue regeneration
  2. Organoids for disease modelling and study of pathogenesis


  • April 18th- 20th, 2019


  • Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University
  • Seaside House 7542 Onna, Onna-son, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa, Japan 904-0411

Bus Route to/from OIST

  • Route 1. Rizzan Sea-Park Hotel<>Seaside House

    Route 2. Kanehide Onna Marineview Palace<>Moon Beach Hotel<>Seaside House

    Route 3. B & B Surfside Okinawa<>Seaside House

  • *For daily time schedule, please check Information tab on the left.*



  Kono, Keiko (OIST)

  Morimoto, Mitsuru (RIKEN)

  Sato, Toshiro (Keio University)

  Takasato, Minoru (RIKEN)

  Yamamoto, Tadashi (OIST)



PROGRAM (Detail)

Day 1

~18:00: Guest arrival & check-in

**The Joint Dinner with "AS x OIST Joint Symposium" is scheduled to be held at the Restaurant Fugetsuro.

18:30- 18:40: OIST President Speech

18:40- 19:30: Give a toast & Dinner Start

19:30- 19:50: Eisa Performance

19:50- 20:30: Dinner End

 20:45           : Move back to the hotel


Day 2

9:00- 9:05:     Opening Speech

9:05- 10:05:   Keynote

10:05- 11:10: Session 1 (25 min x 2 talks + 15 min x 1 short talk)

11:10- 11:30: Coffee/Tea break

11:30- 13:00: Session 2 (25 min x 3 talks + 15 min x 1 short talk)

13:00- 14:45: Lunch

14:45- 16:10: Poster Presentation

16:10- 17:50: Session 3 (25 min x 4 talks)

17:50- 18:00: Break & Move to Chura Hall (S/H)

18:00- 18:15: Dinner Opening Speech

18:15- 20:00: Dinner

20:15:            Move back to the hotel


Day 3

9:00 - 10:30: Session 4 (25 min x 3 talks + 15 min x 1 short talk)

10:30- 10:45: Coffee/Tea break

10:45- 12:05: Session 5 (25 min x 2 talks + 15 min x 2 short talks)

12:05- 12:10: Closing remarks

12:10- 12:45: Lunch

13:00:            Move back to the hotel, Naha Airport or Excursion




We are delighted to welcome you to our OIST workshop. One of the main objectives of OIST Graduate University is to bring together excellent scientists from around the world and to provide a venue for the exchange of innovative ideas. It is our pleasure to offer you our support for your stay in Okinawa.

OIST will support part of airfare only for poster presenters. Please register through either "Registration (Poster Presenter)" or "Registration (Non-Poster Presenter)" on the left menue list.

Deadline of Registration: Sunday, 17th of February (JST)

**The deadline is extended to "Thursday, 28th of February (JST)"

**Please hurry as there are only limited numbers!



OIST is located in the middle part of Okinawa, where is a spectacular resort area.



Should you have any concern or question, please feel free to contact follows;

    - For logistics: "OIST Workshop Section ("

    - For general: "Organoid2019 Secretariat ("