Orators Meeting for Communication and Public Speaking


Friday, June 9, 2023 - 12:00




We are a group of OIST members who meet once every two weeks at lunchtime between 12 and 13 to practice public speaking through giving prepared speeches, impromptu speeches, and to receive constructive feedback from peers in return. We provide a secured and supportive platform where members coming from diverse backgrounds build and develop leadership and communication skills at their own pace. Our meetings are full of energy and motivation- members constantly encourage each other by giving encouragement and feedback to each speaker. 

Vision: We seek to build a community of colleagues where everyone is supported to pursue their professional and personal development through purposeful communication.

Mission: We empower each other through club activities to enhance leadership potential, strengthen the ability to network, and cultivate an appreciation for diverse ways of effectively communicating with others.

Values: Integrity, Respect, Excellence

Example of activities: Prepared speech, impromptu 2 or 3-minute speech, pair or group debate, presentation karaoke, speaking-listening exercise etc. 

OIST Orators is open to all members of OIST community. Any interested individual is welcome to join and experience at one of our upcoming meetings as a guest.

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