One-day Scientist


Hai-sai! (Means "Hello!" in Okinawan)

To students of Okinawa, have you gotten enough science?
We, students of OIST, are organizing a "One-day Scientist" event for you, high school students, to come to OIST this fall 2022!

Let's open our minds to science!

If you are interested in what life as a scientist is like, or if you are interested in science in general please join our event!

What is a "One-day Scientist"? What should we expect?


For one whole day, you will experience the thought process of a scientist by tackling hypotheses with ideas for experiments.
In the morning, you will be divided into groups of 4 to 6 people according to your interests, and discuss how to put your questions ("hypotheses") into "scientifically verifiable" questions. In the afternoon, you will have hands-on experience with surveys and experiments to answer the questions you have set.

How should I prepare?

No need! Just bring the enthusiasm to see the world from a scientist's perspective!

Where does it happen?

It's done at OIST campus in Onna village. Refer to this page for access information.

What language is used for the session?

Since we are going to have two sessions, one session in English, and one session in Japanese, you can choose which one you prefer.

When is the event?

  • 7/15 (Fri) Start of application
  • 9/9 (Fri) End of application
  • 9/16 (Fri) Notification and confirmation of attendance
  • 9/24 (Sat) First round (English)
  • 9/25 (Sun) Second round (Japanese)

Application form

Please apply via this link!!!