OIST Photographic Society

Welcome to the OIST Photographic Society

We were a group of photographers at OIST, who used to meet now and then to  discuss our photos, organize photographic challenges and workshops, but our activities have come to a halt due to lack of traction. If you'd like to wake us from our slumber, and are willing to be a proactive member, write to us and help restart the club.

Our interests included digital and film (or analogue or chemical) photography, as well as many photographic genres including landscape, macro, nature, street/documentary, portrait and whatever you can bring to the group.

We also shoot with whatever camera we have, from phones to professional-grade digital cameras, and even home-made pinhole cameras. Everything goes.

If you like photography, or would like to improve or share your skills and you're interested in joining us, we post our events on our Facebook page, or you can email our chairperson, Alex Alonso (alexandro.alonso@oist.jp).

We used to have a group meeting every week during lunch, then every now and then, but there was no quorum since January 2023 so we are dormant now.