OIST Photographic Society

Welcome to the OIST Photographic Society 

We are a group of photographers at OIST, who like to meet and discuss our photos, and organize photographic challenges and workshops for ourselves.

Our interests include digital and film/analogue/chemical photography, as well as many photographic genres including (but not limiting to) landscape, macro, nature, street/documentary, abstract, portrait and whatever you can bring to the group.

We also shoot with whatever camera we have, from home-made pinhole cameras and plastic-fantastic cameras to your entry-level digital cameras or even professional-grade digital cameras  (although, most of us use our phone most of the time), so we won't judge your gear.

If you like photography, or would like to improve or share your skills and you're interested in joining us, find us on Slack (oistphoto.slack.com or scan the code). We post our events on our Facebook page, or you can email our chairperson, Alexandro Alonso (alexandro.alonso@oist.jp).

join our slack

There's a group meeting every Wednesday from 12:15 to 13:15, our venue changes according to meeting room availability, if you want to join, feel free to check our shared calendar where we post all the details, including the venue, topics and zoom link (when available).

This group is in a restructuring period, so if you have an idea or if there's something related to photography you'd like to try (or if you'd like to learn from scratch), feel free to contact us or come to our next meeting and pitch any idea you have.