OIST-CNRS Joint Symposium on West Pacific Marine Biology - Program

*This program may still be updated.
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■ First day: April 23 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

9:00      Introduction by OIST President and CNRS INSB Directeur.

9:30          Official opening of the IRL lab

10:10    Hugues ROEST-CROLLIUS (Ecole Normale Superieure, France)
             Title: ATLASea: reference genomes of marine biodiversity along the French coastline,  focus on New Caledonia in the South Pacific.

10:50    Coffee break            

11:10    Arnaud GUERBET (National Taiwan University, Taiwan)
        Title: Synthesizing Cnidarian performance:  
                      An integrative trait-based approach for cross-taxa comparisons in functional ecology.

11:30    Nicholas YAP (National University Singapore)
  Title: Getting to know our blobs: uncovering the identity, biology and ecology of sea anemones
                      and jellyfish  from Singapore

11:50    Alexia DUBUC (James Cook University, Australia)
       Title: “Understanding hypoxia in coastal ecosystems and its consequences on fish: insights from natural and impacted habitats”.

12:10    Lana MINIER (CRIOBE, French Polynesia)
            Title: Impact of noise pollution on coral reefs: from the soundscape to the individual.
12:30    Lunch time
             Including poster presentations and campus tour(optional)

14:00    NEO Mei Lin (National University Singapore)   *zoom
            Title: Supporting Marine Science Research Through Sustainable Mariculture.

14:40   Sen-Lin TANG (Academia Sinica,Taiwan)
Title: Unveiling the mysteries of coral-bacterial interactions: A quest for empirical evidence.

15:20    Yong-Jin WON (Ewha Womans University, South Korea)
          Title: Evolution and invasion of mud-tidal gastropod, Batillaria attramentaria, in changing environments

16:00    Coffee break    

16:30    Sumio UDAGAWA (Ochanomizu University, Japan)
Title: An attempt to reveal the developmental mechanisms underlying the determination of  pentameric body axis in echinoderms

16:50    Eric KOCH (Observatoire Océanologique de Banyuls, France)
            Title: Establishing Sepiola affinis as a model for beneficial host-microbe associations.

17:10    Boongho CHO (Inha University)
              Title: Evolution of exoskeleton characteristics in deep-sea hydrothermal vent crustaceans.

17:30    3 Flash talks selected from posters. 10min each.

18:00    End of day 1


■ Second day: April 24  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

9:00      Kate QUIGLEY (The University of Western Australia)
             Title: Breeding and Selecting Corals Resilient to Global Warming

9:40      Timothy RAVASI (OIST, Japan)
             Title: Adaptation and Acclimation of Coral Reef Fish as a Response to Climate Change.

10:20    Coffee break

10:40    Stefano VIANELLO (Academia Sinica, Taiwan)
             Title: Thyroid hormones trigger stomach development and differentiation during clownfish metamorphosis

11:00    Takumi T SHITO (Keio University)
             Title: Evaluation system of ascidian eggs transparency and comparative analysis for
                      deciphering the mechanism of organismal transparency

11:20    Yuuki SHIKAYA (Institut de la mer de Villefranche, France)
            Title:  Synchronisation of rhythmic contraction in primary polyps of Clytia hemisphaerica..

11:40    Yutaka SATOU (Kyoto University, Japan)
             Title: Ascidian embryonic cells suggesting a shared evolutionary origin of neural crest and neuromesodermal cells

12:20    Lunch time
             Including poster presentations and campus tour(optional)

14:00    David LECCHINI (CRIOBE, French Polynesia)
             Title: Understanding marine biodiversity, its fragility and resilience: Example of Bora-Bora

14:40    Shinya SHIKINA (National Taiwan Ocean University, Taiwan)
            Title: Factors involved in the asexual reproduction in the stony coral, Galaxea astreata.

15:20    Rebecca CASE (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore):
             Title to be indicated.

16:00    Coffee break

16:30    Sirius Ng (National University Singapore)
              Title: Mermaid Monographs: Dugongs in Southeast Asia.

16:50    Adam DOWNIE (University of Queensland, Australia)
             Title: physiological changes under-pinning metamorphosis in coral reef fishes.

17:10    4 Flash talks selected from posters.

17:50    End of day 2


■ Third day: April 25 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

9:00      Fanny HOULBREQUE (IRD, New Caledonia)
             Title: Nutrition as a boost for corals to resist to marine heat waves

9:40      ★ Special guest
             James REIMER: A snapshow of Okinawa marine biodiversity.

10:20    Coffee break

10:40    Lucie Cartairad (Marepolis, French Polynesia)
             Title: Environmental DNA as a survey tool of coral reef fish biodiversity.

11:00    Jae Gon PARK (Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology, South Korea)
             Title: Toxic effects of the wastewater produced by underwater hull cleaning equipment on the copepod Tigriopus japonicus

11:20    Stephanie BERTRAND (Observatoire Océanologique de Banyuls, France)
             Title: Amphioxus mesoderm development and the emergence of the vertebrate head

12:00    Lunch time
             Including poster presentations and campus tour(optional)

14:00    Mikiko TANAKA (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)
            Title: Evolution of developmental process across the fin-to-limb transition.

14:40    Andrew CHIN (James Cook University, Australia)
             Title: Sharks in the Asia-Pacific: moving from old narratives to new-tech opportunities.

15:20    Sung-Jin HWANG (Woosuk University, South Korea)
             Title: The Past, Present, and Future of Coral Research in Korea

16:00    Coffee break

16:30    Filip HUSNIK (OIST, Japan)
             Title: Exploring Marine Microbial Symbioses with Advanced Imaging and AI Tools.

17:10   4 Flash talks from OIST young investigators in marine science

17:50    End of day 3

18:30    Banquet


■ April 26: Visit of the Chauraumi Aquarium to have participants exposed to the Okinawa Marine Biodiversity


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