COI-NEXT Kick off Symposium ― One World One Health ―


Friday, March 10, 2023 - 13:10 to 17:25


OIST Auditorium and zoom



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COI-NEXT Kick off Symposium ― One World One Health ― 

Center for the Global Bioconvergence Innovation for a Sustainable Society Based on "Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, and a Healthy Environment”


OIST has established the Center for Global Bioconvergence Innovation, supported by a major grant from the Japan Science and Technology Agency JST (Japan Science and Technology) Program on Open Innovation Platform for Academia-Industry Co-Creation (COI-NEXT). This is a kick-off event to commemorate the establishment of the Global Bioconvergence Center of Innovation.

The Center launches with an initial cohort of 12 Research Units, OIST’s Technology Development and Innovation Center (TDIC), and 30 academic, governmental, and industrial partners. 

The event will feature a keynote address by Nick Luscombe, a DJ, soundscape artist, and researcher conducting unique research on music and health. We will introduce the different research projects, hold a panel discussion on bioconvergence, and booths to present interactive displays of research related to the three target areas of a "Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, and Healthy Environment”.


English, Japanese(as of March. 8)

*The program is subject to change.

*Internal event will take place in the morning for program/project members

Bus Service

Free bus service will be provided on the following schedule.

March 9th (Thu)

19:00 Naha Airport Domestic terminal → Hotels nearby OIST (Kafuu Resort Fuchaku CONDO・HOTEL, Hotel Moon Beach, Rizzan Sea Park hotel Tancha-bay)

23:45 Naha Airport Domestic terminal → Hotels nearby OIST (Kafuu Resort Fuchaku CONDO・HOTEL, Hotel Moon Beach, Rizzan Sea Park hotel Tancha-bay)

March 10th (Fri)

07:40 Moon Beach Hotel→7:50 Kafuu Resort →8:05 Rizzan Sea Park →8:10 OIST Lab 4

07:45 Moon Beach Hotel→7:55 Kafuu Resort →8:10 Rizzan Sea Park →8:15 OIST Lab 4

17:40 OIST Auditorium→ 19:05 Naha Airport

17:40 OIST Auditorium→Lab4 parking→17:50 Rizzan Sea Park →18:00 Kafuu Resort →18:05 Moon Beach Hotel

*Transportation is arranged seperately for those who are joining the reception dinner.

Keynote Lectures:

SPEAKER: Nick Luscombe, Creative Director/Producer,  MSCTY/ BBC Radio

Title:"MSCTY - Designing a better sounding city."


SPEAKER: Hiroaki Kitano, Adjunct Profesor, OIST/ CEO, Sony CSL

Title:"Next Big Things in Scientific Discovery"


Project Introduction:

Nicholas M. Luscombe (OIST) Project Leader Introduction of the Whole Project
Kenji Doya Stream Leader Stream 1 Introduction- "Healthy Mind"
Keiko Kono Stream Leader Stream 2 Introduction- "Healthy Body"
Tim Ravasi Stream Leader Stream 3 Introduction- "Healthy Environment"
Ulf Dieckmann, Kenji Doya Stream Leaders Stream 4 Introduction - "Data Integration/ Analysis/ Utilization"
Gil Granot-Mayer Stream Leader Stream 4&5 Introduction- "R&D for Bioconvergence" and
"Social Implementation"

Parallel Exhibition:

Booth 1 Embodied Cognitive Science Unit Real time brain activity Tom Froese, OIST
Booth 2 Neural Computation Unit XHRO: All-in-one real-time body monitoring device that unlocks the aging clock Suntory/
Kenji Doya, OIST
Booth 3 Micro/Bio/Nanofluidics Unit
Mechanics and Materials Unit
Precision manufacturing at OIST Amy Shen, OIST
Eliot Fried, OIST
Booth 4 Membranology Unit Young and senescent human cells Keiko Kono, OIST
Booth 5 Marine Climate Change Unit Climate Change and Coral Reefs Tim Ravasi, OIST
Booth 6 Marine Biophysics Unit Improving Security and Safety at Sea
Combining Coast Guard’s Field Experience and OIST’s Academic Knowledge
Satoshi Mitarai, OIST/Coast Guard
Booth 7 Marine Genomics Unit OIST Coral eDNA Project Nori Satoh, OIST/NTT
Booth 8 Sony OIST - Sony CSL Cybernetic Humanity Studio Sony CSL
Booth 9 Synapse Biology Unit Monitoring and manipulating the activity of neurons and synapses Yukiko Goda, OIST
Booth 10 TDIC OIST connected startups: prototypes/products demonstration OIST
Poster 1 Micro/Bio/Nanofluidics Unit Single cell segmentation and tracking in phase contrast microcopy using machine learning algorithms Amy Shen, OIST
Poster 2 Micro/Bio/Nanofluidics Unit Surface Imprinted Polymer (SIP) for bacterial detection based on 3D-printeing resin Amy Shen, OIST
Poster 3 Micro/Bio/Nanofluidics Unit OIST Micro and Nanofabrication Capabilities Amy Shen, OIST
Poster 4 Micro/Bio/Nanofluidics Unit Viscoelastic fingering during the sedimentation of a sphere Amy Shen, OIST
Poster 5 TDIC Catalyzing an Innovation Hub in Okinawa OIST
Poster 6 Embodied Cognitive Science Unit EEG Hyperscanning during Perceptual Crossing Experiment to Identify the Brain’s Social Interaction Features Tom Froese, OIST
Poster 7 Embodied Cognitive Science Unit Causal Emergence Analysis of Team Behaviors in Football Matches Tom Froese, OIST
Poster 8 Embodied Cognitive Science Unit Embodied Cognitive Science Unit: OVERVIEW OF RESEARCH PROJECTS Tom Froese, OIST

Panel Discussion:

"Why should I care about you?

-Adventures in academic-non-academic collaborations"


PANELIST: Noriyuki Ando, President & CEO,  Suntory Global Innovation Center Limited



PANELIST: Amy Shen, Provost & Professor, OIST



PANELIST: Yukiko Goda, Professor, OIST



PANELIST: Hiroaki Kitano, Adjunct Profesor, OIST/ CEO, Sony CSL



PANELIST: Eli Lyons, Co-founder & CEO, GEnomeMiner



MODERATOR: Nicholas M. Luscombe, OIST





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