Past Events

Radiation therapy of resistant tumors

Seminar Room C700

Two seminars by Pr Claire-Rodriguez Lafrasse (MD, PhD) and Anne-Sophie Wozny (PharmD) (U. Lyon, France)

Cancer Stem Cells Working Group Meeting

Seminar Room C015, Lab 1, Level C

CSCWG Regular Meeting
Speaker: Guillaume Vares (Sugawara Unit)
Title: Highlights from AACR meeting 2017 

Nano Biosensors for the Detection of Cancer Stem Cells

Meeting room A613, Lab 2, Level A

Cancer Stem Cells Working Group (CSCWG) regular meeting. Speaker: Nikhil Bhalla (Shen Unit).

Seminar "Small molecule inhibitors of cancer stem cells identified through target-based and cell based screening" (Yamamoto U.)

Seminar Room C016, Lab 1, Level C

Dr Watanabe from RIKEN will give a seminar about targeting cancer stem cells (invited by Cell Signal Unit  - Pr Yamamoto) on February 1st at 2pm (there won't be a regular CSCWG meeting morning meeting on that day).

“Organoid” Culture: The Next Generation Tissue Culture Method in Biology

Seminar Room D015, Lab 1, Level D

Cancer Stem Cell Working Group (CSCWG) Seminar by Hong Huat Hoh (OIST PhD Student). Open to all.