Neuronal circuits in motor behavior - OIST workshop, Feb. 18-20, 2019

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Among the numerous functions performed by the brain, creating precise, efficient movements is the most fundamental one without which no behavior could be expressed. The importance of motor control is accentuated by the fact that multiple distinct brain systems are involved in it, and thus understanding the neuronal codes leading to the skilled animal or human movements critically depends on researching the systems in a synergistic manner. 

The workshop brings together established scientists and rising leaders from computational, systemic neuroscience and behavioural fields, to explore and portray the various aspects and constraints of animal movement and the neuronal circuits underlying their execution. The three days will comprise of talks, poster presentations as well as more free-form discussion sessions aiming to foster collaboration.

We encourage applications from students, post docs and faculty across any related fields, and will cover travel and accommodation for 30 accepted attendees, based on the background and motivation statements. 

Note: application period is now closed. We will inform all applicants of the outcome by Nov. 22nd.

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Invited faculty:

  • Abigail Person, UC Denver
  • Albert Chen, NTU Singapore
  • Daniel Huber, U Geneva
  • Claire Wyart, ICM
  • Philippe Isope, U. Strasbourg
  • Eric Lang, NYU
  • Hong Yu Wong, U Tübingen
  • Kamran Khodakhah, AECOM
  • Laure Rondi-Reig, CNRS-Sorbonne U 
  • Megan Carey, Champalimaud
  • Sho Aoki, Salk
  • Rieko Osu, Waseda U
  • Shigeru Kitazawa, U Osaka

Marylka Yoe Uusisaari, Aleksandra Badura, Erik De Schutter