RMT2012 : OIST Spring Course on Random Matrix Theory for Complex Systems OIST Seaside House, April 15 - April 21, 2012


Sunday, April 15, 2012 - 17:00 to Saturday, April 21, 2012 - 12:00



The OIST Spring Course on Random Matrix Theory for Complex Systems

Term of Course
April 15 - April 21, 2012
Application Deadline
December 15, 2011
OIST Seaside House
S. Hikami (Mathematical and Theoretical Physics Unit, OIST)
E. Brezin (ENS)
H. Sompolinsky (Hebrew)
J. Miller (Physics and Biology Unit, OIST)


The first OIST Spring Course on Random Matrix Theory for Complex Systems will take place from April 15 to April 21, 2012. The course will hold lectures in the morning and provide time in the afternoon for discussions and students projects.

Topics to be addressed

  1. Neural network and memory, spin glass, communication networks.
  2. Genes analysis, co-expression of DNA, protein, bioinformatics.
  3. Protein folding, topology, secondary structure of RNA and other biological applications.
  4. Condensed matter application, BEC, quantum dots, quantum chaos, topological insulator, universal class.
  5. RMT and field theory, conformal field theory, AdS/CFT.
  6. Mathematical aspect of RMT.

Only 30 will be chosen from qualified applications, and these participants will be supported for travel tickets, accommodation, and meals. Students will stay at OIST Seaside House, the venue for the course.

The application process consists of filling in an online form and sending a CV, a one-page summary of present research and interests, and a recommendation letter from the applicant's current institute of study or employment to rmt2012@oist.jp.


  • E. Brezin (ENS)
  • S. Cocco (ENS)
  • S. Ganguli (UCSF)
  • J.  Miller (Physics and Biology Unit, OIST)
  • R. Monasson (ENS)
  • A. Morozov (ITEP, Moscow)
  • H. Sompolinsky (The Hebrew Univ.)
  • M. Vergassola (Institut Pasteur)
  • P. Wiegmann (U. Chicago)
  • J. Zinn-Justin (CEA)


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