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Frequently Asked Questions

Accomodations will be arranged by OIST from Mar. 10 - Mar. 13 (4 nights).
We do not cover the expenses on Mar. 9 night stay.
If there is a reason, for instance, flight schedules, religious reason, discussions with OIST researchers, we will consider it.
In such cases, please let us know immediately who wants to stay, since the booking hotel becomes difficult.

All rooms booked at nearby hotels are twin rooms, so you can accompany your spouse.
One has to pay extra 6,700 yen per night when one accompanies his/her spouse.

All meals for participants are supported by OIST during the workshop.

The excursion is planned Wednesday afternoon to go to Churaumi Aquarium and old castle of Nakijin (if weather is fine). The price for entrance to Aquarium has to be paid by individual. The bus for this excursion is prepared by the JIBW.


Travel Information

 The local airport is Naha, Okinawa which has international connections only with Asian airports. If coming from Israel you will have to fly to Osaka/Kansai or Tokyo (Haneda or Narita) first and take a connecting domestic flight to Naha.

 The Airport Limousine Bus (Basho-go) offers a very convenient means to get OIST from Naha Airport.  In the afternoon of March 10, the registration will be held at the Seaside House (SH). The Basho-go bus stops in front of the SH after 1.5 hour trip from the airport.  We will send e-ticket for the bus to participants by e-mail upon request.   Link

 Japanese society operates largely on a cash basis rather than checks or credit cards. Please bring enough cash to provide for your needs.
 Currency Exchange: No Currency Exchange Service is available at either Naha airport or at OIST. Money Exchange in your country or at major airports (Narita/Kansai/Nagoya) is strongly recommended.
 ATMs: ATMs for credit card cashing are available in Naha Airport or nearby post offices and some convenience stores. Please be advised that some credit cards might not be accepted. (Often, credit cards issued abroad are not accepted.)  

 The average temperature for March is 11(lowest)  to 25(highest) degrees C.


 The AC outlet in Japan operates at 100 V and 60 Hz, and fits plugs with two parallel blades (Type A), identical U.S. plugs that don't have a grounding pin. Please confirm that the AC adapter for your laptop is compatible with Japanese outlets and bring a plug adapter or a voltage converter if necessary.

 Internet: Wireless Internet available in public spaces. Wired LAN is available in guest rooms.
 Amenities: Shampoo & rinse, body soap, toothbrush set, hair dryer and room slippers.
 Laundry rooms: equipped with washer-dryers, detergent and ironing board sets.
 Phones: Public phone available in the lobby area. Calling card is required to make a domestic/international phone call. You may wish to purchase international calling cards at a major airport as they are not provided or sold at Seaside House. Some services allow calling by entering a credit card number and PIN code. The phone in each guest room is for in-house calls only.



 Contact Email:
 Postal Mail: 1919-1 Tancha, Onna-son, Okinawa 904-0412 JAPAN