Autism Assessment Resources

Autism Diagnosis Resources

  • Tokyo Mental Health (offers Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) assessment in English online)
  • Naha Iruka Kokoro no Clinic (The doctor speaks fluent English).
  • Toyosaki Mental Clinic (The doctor speaks fluent English).
  • University of Ryukyus Hospital (Can offer autism diagnostic service in English. Need a referral letter from a local clinic first)
  • Neurodevelopmental Clinic (offering assessments for children ages 0-4 years and parenting support in English)
  • Adult Autism in Ireland is able to offer an online autism assessment for someone living in Japan. 

If you speak Japanese, please see the list below. It shows clinics in Okinawa that offers Autism diagnosis.

沖縄県 発達障がい児(者)の診療等を行っている医療機関リスト (