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Frequently Asked Questions - General

- Where will the ISEST 2018 workshop be held?
ISEST 2018 will be held at the OIST main campus (Room B250 Center Building), Onna-son, Okinawa

- Is there any registration fee to participate in ISEST 2018?
 There is no registration fee. If your abstract is accepted, OIST will cover your accommodation and meals in Okinawa during the symposium.

- Why do I need to submit a picture with my abstract?
 The purpose of the conference is to provide an atmosphere for interaction and discussion. Having a picture will help the other participants recognize you and associate you with your work. Please choose a photograph that will help the other participants recognize you. Passport photos may not be the best choice. However, please provide a picture that you are comfortable being printed and left for posterity.

- What about travel expenses?
 For more details, please check the OIST rules for invited speakers and OIST rules poster presenters (participants).

If you are an invited speaker or are awarded a travel grant as a poster presenter, OIST will purchase a round-trip air ticket and provide shuttle service to and from the symposium site. Additional personal information relative to the air flight ticket purchase will be required, such as passport photocopy, full name, etc.) All the awardees are expected to arrive in Okinawa arrive one day prior to the start of the symposium and depart on the day following the end of the workshop. If you plan to stay longer in Okinawa after the symposium for personal reasons, you be responsible for your expenses for the extended stay and will need to pay for your return flight.

If you are selected as a poster presenter but are not awarded a travel grant, you will be responsible to pay flights by yourself, but you will receive other support (e.g., lodging) as the rest of participants.

- Where can I download the abstract template?
 The template file can be downloaded here.

- What language is acceptable for the abstract and conference?
 The ISEST 2018 conference language is English. Only English abstracts will be considered. The poster should be in English. Standard British or American English are acceptable.

- Does everyone need to submit an abstract?
 Everyone who will present at the symposium, including invited speakers, is expected to submit an abstract.


Frequently Asked Questions - Invited Speaker


- What is the format for oral presentations?
 Lecture 35 minutes + 10 min for Q&A.

- Will per diem be provided?
 All meals and lodging will be provided by OIST directly, so per diem will not be provided.

- Can I make my own travel arrangements?
Please see the OIST rules for invited speakers for details. We strongly prefer to book the flights, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs within the travel rules.


Frequently Asked Questions - Poster Presentation

- What is the size of the poster panel?
 Poster panels are 880 mm (W) x 1170 mm (H) in portrait orientation.

- Who can apply to present a poster at ISEST 2018?
 Undergraduate students, graduate students, post-docs and researchers at universities or academic/industrial institutes. Preference will be given to students.

- Will I need to submit anything else after the application?
 If your abstract is accepted, you will be required to submit a picture and short biography to be posted on the ISEST 2018 website. A passport photograph is not required; please choose a photograph that will help the invited speakers and other participants recognize you. We will also gather personal information in case you need a visa. Your biography should be 150-250 words.

- Will I need make my own travel arrangements?
Please see the OIST rules for poster presenters (participants) for details. If you were awarded a travel grant, then OIST will book the tickets and pay for the flight. You will need to provide additional information (e.g. passport photocopy). If you are a poster presenter who was not awarded a travel grant, then please make your own travel arrangements. If you are making your own travel arrangements, then you should arrive at OIST the day prior to the first day of the symposium and depart on the day following the end of the symposium.


Travel Information

 Japanese society operates largely on a cash basis rather than checks or credit cards. Please bring enough cash to provide for your needs.
 Currency Exchange: No Currency Exchange Service is available at either Naha airport or at OIST. Money Exchange in your country or at major airports (Narita/Kansai/Nagoya) is strongly recommended.
 ATMs: ATMs for credit card cashing are available in Naha Airport or nearby post offices and some convenience stores. Please be advised that some credit cards might not be accepted. (Often, credit cards issued abroad are not accepted.)  

 The average temperature for January is around 10-16 degrees Celsius.

  Smart/casual. We have the information that the weather in Okinawa will be much colder than usual during the symposium. Participants are recommended to be prepared with a jacket/coat so you are not caught by a cold and windy weather in Okinawa.

 The AC outlet in Japan operates at 100 V and 60 Hz, and fits plugs with two parallel blades (Type A), identical U.S. plugs that don't have a grounding pin. Please confirm that the AC adapter for your laptop is compatible with Japanese outlets and bring a plug adapter or a voltage converter if necessary.

 Internet: Wireless Internet available in public spaces. Wired LAN is available in guest rooms.
 Amenities: Shampoo & rinse, body soap, toothbrush set, hair dryer and room slippers.
 Laundry rooms: equipped with washer-dryers, detergent and ironing board sets.
 Phones: Public phone available in the lobby area. Calling card is required to make a domestic/international phone call. You may wish to purchase international calling cards at a major airport as they are not provided or sold at Seaside House. Some services allow calling by entering a credit card number and PIN code. The phone in each guest room is for in-house calls only.




ISEST 2018 Secretariat

 Contact Email:
 Postal Mail: 1919-1 Tancha, Onna-son, Okinawa 904-0495 JAPAN