FY2011 Annual Report

Integrative Systems Biology Unit

Professor Tatiana T. Marquez-Lago


The Integrative Systems Biology Unit started operations on campus in October 2011.

1. Staff

  • Prof. Tatiana T. Marquez Lago - Head of Unit
  • Ryoko Uchida - Administrative Assistant

2. Activities and Findings

Journal Publications

1.  Leier, A., and Marquez-Lago, T. (2011) Correction factors for boundary diffusion and bimolecular reactions in reaction-diffusion master equations. J Chem Phys 135, 134109.

    ** Research article selected for JCP focus in Biochemical Physics, Volume 5, Issue 10

2.  Hatzikirou, H., Chauviere, A., Bauer, A., Leier, A., Lewis, M., Macklin, P., Marquez-Lago, T., Bearer, E., Cristini, V. (2011) Integrative Physical Oncology. WIREs Systems Biology and Medicine.


  1. Tatiana T. Marquez-Lago. Two recent stories showing how mathematical models can aid and predict experimental observations of complex biological phenomena. Special invited seminar - Botany Department, University of Wisconsin-Madison., U.S.A.
  2. Tatiana T. Marquez-Lago. Stochastic modeling and experimental predictions in Synthetic and Systems Biology. Seminar - Richard D. Berlin Center for Cell Analysis and Modeling, University of Connecticut, U.S.A.

3. Other

During FY2011, the computational lab was planned and set up, including recruitment of two postdoctoral researchers (starting in FY2012). Full set-up of other group areas will reach completion during FY2012 and FY2013.