Instrumental Analysis Section


The Instrumental Analysis Section (IAS) at OIST is designed to house all large common Analysis instrument in OIST to address continued technical support and maintenance by lab staff that include application specialist and technician. The staff support the lab by participating in teaching the IAS users and supporting them with their research and sample running. The OIST IAS is therefore fully service oriented, providing support for internal OIST users as well as external collaborators and institutions within Okinawa and to the world.


 • Management of common instrumental analysis instrument and facilities for mass spectrometry, NMR spectroscopy, lab automation, flow cytometry, etc.

 • Technical support for the researchers and students on instrumental analysis (including consultation, training, sample preparation advice, data acquisition, data analysis advice, etc.)


Monthly Usage Status (only for OIST internal)

Archives of Past Years

Annual Report (only for OIST internal)

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