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Leonidas Karapiperis

Head of S&T Section, EU Delegation to Japan

Tom Kuczynski

S&T Section, EU Delegation to Japan

Horizon 2020 is the EU's framework programme for research and innovation, which runs from 2014 to 2020, with a budget of nearly EUR 80 billion. Japanese participation is welcome in all Calls for Proposals of Horizon 2020. It offers a unique gateway to Europe’s excellence in research and innovation, and access to Europe's knowledge, scientific data, world-class infrastructures and to world-leading scientific networks.

Naomichi Yamada

National Contact Point Horizon 2020 in Japan

In "Horizon2020 Specific Aspects for Japan", we introduce Research and Innovation Staff Exchange (RISE) programme, which is very popular for Japanese research institute and University and provide useful information to apply Horizon2020 from Japanese aspect.

Ingo Höllein

Counsellor Science and Technology at the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, Tokyo

Saiki Hase

German Research Foundation (DFG) Office in Japan

German Research Foundation (DFG), is a major research funding organisation in Germany, promoting basic research in all branches of science and the humanities at universities and publically funded research institutes. DFG will introduce research project opportunities available in Germany and international research collaboration initiation supports.

Marco Massetani

Counsellor Science and Technology at the Embassy of Italy

Noriko Ogawa

Officer, Science and Innovation, Embassy of Sweden

As a leading knowledge and innovation county, Sweden is conducting various programs to increase the quality of research and higher education, and promote Japan-Sweden collaborations.

Jacques Maleval

Director of the Tokyo Office for Northern Asia, CNRS (the French National Scientific Research Center)

CNRS is the French National Center for Scientific Research. It is the largest European Research Performing Organization and it carries out fundamental research covering the whole spectrum of fields of knowledge, including humanities and social sciences (HSS). CNRS has developed a lot of scientific collaboration with Japan, including one HSS research unit and five joint French-Japanese laboratories located in Japan.

Teppo Turkki

Counsellor for Science, Technology, and Innovation, Sitra Fellow, Embassy of Finland, Tokyo

Genome research has developed so that health can be promoted and diseases treated on a more individual level than before. In a future everybody will benefit from advances in science and Finland is fully capable of rising to become an internationally well-known in genome research, and a forerunner in business activities in the field of genomics. With new genome society could benefit from a halt to the rise in health care costs and from the better targeting of resources.