Closer than ever before to have our own Hariiiiiii boat!!!

We went to Henza island to meet a famous boat builder! You might have heard the legends about him saying that he's been living there for the last 400 years building the best race boats... People from all around the world go there to ask for his blessings and his boats. We had to go through an ancient ritual to qualify as owners of his sacred boat...To cut a long story short, order and a deposit will be placed soon, the legend himself has to go to another island to select the best tree to cut that will service its purpose. We have to wait a few months for it to dry and take a proper shape, and a few more months for him to make it a boat... We will have in about 1.5 years... But it is a super great quality boat. In the mean time Goeku-san (the boat builder) is loaning us his own Harii boat for 12-18 months, which we'll store at Maeganeku port until our own boat is ready (thanks to the great Mankichi-sensei!).


Keep in touch ;)