Feedback in Quantum Machines 2023

The OIST Workshop in Feedback in Quantum Machines 23 is open to students, both undergraduate and graduate who are working in related fields. It is also open to postdoctoral researchers and academic faculty. 

Extended Registration Deadline: Friday July 28th 2023.

For students: before beginning the application process, please confirm with your Head of Department or MSc/PhD Supervisor that he/she will be willing to write a brief letter of recommendation by 4 Aug 2023 (one week after deadline). You will need to fill in their details in the Referee section below and we will contact the nominated referee subsequently.   If your referee is having problems uploading, please ask them to email directly to Postdoctoral and Faculty need no such letters.

All accepted participants are required to present a poster or oral talk on their recent or current work.
You must include a title and abstract for your contribution when submitting this form and indicate if you would like to be considered to give a contributed oral presentation.

Registration fee 44,000 JPY (approx. 300 euro or 300 USD).  Payment method will be informed later.

Note that the costs for workshop coffee breaks, lunch & evening meals, conference banquet and accommodation (in gendered twin-shared rooms at Seaside House) will be covered for all participants by OIST.  

Accepted registered attendees wishing to book their own accommodation at their own costs can view the many possible options available eg. on TripAdvisor, but be aware of their distance from OIST.

About 10% of international applicants will be given full travel support.  This is fully reserved for those applicants from disadvantaged regions of the world.  If you are not from a disadvantaged region, please do not apply for this as your application will not be considered.  

We also will arrange an airport bus transfer from Naha airport to OIST which departs on Sunday Nov 26 2023 at 16:00 hrs and depart OIST on Saturday Dec 2 2023 at 10:00hrs. Participants who wish to take this bus should register below with an additional cost (3,000 Yen, return). OIST is an hour's drive from the airport.

After pressing the submit button, please wait until you get a page acknowledging the submission. You should also get an email confirming that the submission has been successful.


Applications are accepted until the end of July 28th 2023 (Any Time Zone).

Airport Bus Transfer

The workshop will organise one bus from the airport to OIST, on the day previous to the start of the workshop (Sunday Nov 26 2023: departing Naha airport at 16:00hrs), and one bus on the day following the end of the workshop (Saturday Dec 2 2023: departing OIST 10:00hrs). Please click here if you wish to reserve a seat on this bus. This cost (70,00Yen), will be in addition to the workshop registration fee.

(Given name)
(Family name)
This will allow us to make appropriate room assignments.
Please include all details necessary to reach you by postal mail.
Referee Information
For Undergraduate and PhD students ONLY: Please provide your supervisor's details below. He or she will be contacted for a reference. *Postdoctoral researchers and Faculty are not required to provide this information but please fill out this part with your own information to process this application and ignore the automatic email request. First Name, Last Name, Title, Email Address, Institution fields are required.
1-page pdf abstract including title



We have a very small number of full travel fellowships available for applicants from disadvantaged regions, representing about 10% of the total participants. However, these come with very strict regulations and, in particular, do not allow for stop-overs on the journey to Okinawa. OIST will book these tickets directly.   Please note that most participants will not be considered to be eligible for these full travel fellowships.  


Please let us know if you do NOT want to avail of the free accommodation provided in gendered twin-shared rooms in Seaside House and want to book your own accommodation at your own cost.

A submission confirmation and a referral requested message from OIST Groups will be sent to you within two hours.  We will let all applicants know the outcome of their application to attend FQM23 by Friday July 21. Thank you for your patience.