Dr. Matthieu PY
EURAXESS Links Japan Country Representative

Dr Matthieu PY has a background in materials science and is a specialist in physical/chemical material characterisation techniques using ion beams. He has experience as a researcher both in France (CEA-Léti), where he obtained his PhD in 2011 and in Japan (Kyoto University) where he stayed twice: once as a graduate student and once as a post-doc. During his career as a researcher, he was interested and involved in the development of new international collaborations with abroad laboratories and private institutions in Europe and in Japan.

He is more particularly involved in international relationships for S&T with Japan since 2013 as he was since then the deputy attaché for Space Science at the S&T division of the Embassy of France in Japan.

He took in August 2014 the position of EURAXESS Links Japan Country Representative. As such, he promotes research cooperation and researchers’ mobility between Europe and Japan, mainly by providing tailored information to researchers and research administrators and by setting up information sharing and networking platform events.