Shingo Miyauchi

Senior Bioinformatician

PhD Macquarie University, Australia 2010
MSc Auckland University, New Zealand 2002

The field of fungal biology is experiencing a flood of genome data. There is a huge demand for interpreting such data into biological context. My passion is to extract and visualize meaningful patterns from complex biological data. 

In over seven years of research in France and Germany, we have created innovative tools for combining large data for comprehensive analyses called ‘Visual Integrative Omics Platform' made of the SHIN+GO, TINGO, PRINGO, SynGO, and VINGO modules. The research community on Twitter refers the pipelines as ‘SHINGO-Tools‘.

With the visual tools, we have made a significant impact in understanding fungal evolution and the ecological roles of forest fungi such as wood and litter decayers, endophytic fungi, and mycorrhizal fungi. See the recent highlights in Selection of publications.


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