Nano biosensors for the detection of CSCs (March 8)

Wednesday, March 8
Meeting room A613, Lab 2, Level A
Nikhil Bhalla (Shen Unit)
Nano biosensors for the detection of CSCs

It has been demonstrated that localized tumors in clinically apparent metastasis give rise to circulating cancer stem cells. Circulating cancer stem cells may not only be capable of evading from the primary tumor, but also escape from immune surveillance, survive in the circulating blood and subsequently spread the cancer in other distant organs. Thus, circulating cancer stem cells represent a subset of exclusively tumorigenic cancer stem cells characterized by their invasive characteristics and are potential therapeutic targets for preventing disease progression. To date, only a few original reports and reviews have been published focusing on circulating cancer stem cells.  The talk will discusses the potential importance of biosensors in detecting and characterizing these circulating cancer stem cells and also highlight the current technological limitations.



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