Yutaka Yoshida

Yutaka Yoshida
Yutaka Yoshida
PhD University of Tokyo 1999
BS Keio University 1994

Professional Experience

  • Professor, OIST, 2023 April-Present
    Associate Professor, Burke Neurological Institute, Weill Cornell Medicine, 2018-present
  • Transitional Professor, OIST, 2018-2023 March
  • Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Division of Developmental  Biology, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, 2015-2018
  • Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Division of Developmental Biology, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, 2008-2015


  • Endowed scholars at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, 2016-2018
  • Basil O'Connor Starter Scholar Research Award of March of Dimes, 2009-2011
  • Trustee Grant Award from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, 2009
  • Long Term Fellowship from Human Frontier Science Program Organization (HFSPO), 2003-2006
  • Research Fellowship of JSPS for Young Scientists (PD), 1999-2002
  • American Association for Cancer Research-ITOEN Young Investigator Award, 1998
  • Research Fellowship of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) for Young Scientists (DC1), 1996-1999

Select Publications

  • Ueno M., Ueno-Nakamura, Y., Li J, Gu Z., Niehaus J., Maezawa M., Crone S.A., Goulding M., Baccei M.L., and Yoshida Y. (2018). Corticospinal circuits from the sensory and motor cortex differentially regulate skilled movements through distinct interneurons. Cell Reports, 23, 1286-1300
  • Yoshida Y., Isa T. (2018). Neural and genetic basis of dexterous hand movements. Curr Opin Neurobiol. 52, 25-32. 
  • Gu Z., Sarrad N., Ueno M., Liang M., Li J., Enquist L.W., Baccei M.R., Martin J.H., and Yoshida Y. (2017). Skilled movements require non-apoptotic Bax/Bak pathway-mediated corticospinal circuit reorganization. Neuron, 94, 626-641.
  • Gu Z., Kalamboglas J., Yoshioka S., Han W., Zhuo L., Imamura Kawasawa Y., Pochareddy S., LiZ.,  Liu F., Xu X., Wijeratne S., Ueno M., Blatz E., Salomone J., Kumanogoh A., Rasin M.R., Gebelein B., Weirauch M.T., Sestan N., Martin J.H., and Yoshida Y. (2017). Control of species-dependent cortico-motoneuronal connections underlying manual dexterity, Science, 357, 400-404.
  • Ueno M., Ueno-Nakamura Y., Niehaus J., Popovich P.G., and Yoshida Y. (2016). Silencing spinal interneurons inhibits immune suppressive autonomic reflexes caused by spinal cord injury. Nature Neuroscience, 19, 784-787
  • Imai F., Chen X., Weirauch M.T., and Yoshida Y. (2016). Requirement of Dicer in maintenance of monosynaptic sensory-motor circuits in the spinal cord. Cell Reports, 17, 2163-72.
  • Fukuhara K., Imai F., Ladle D.R., Katayama K., Leslie J.R., Arber S., Jessell T.M., and Yoshida Y. (2013). Specificity of monosynaptic sensory-motor connections imposed by repellent Sema3E-PlexD1 signaling. Cell Reports, 5, 748-58. 3139-3145.
  • Yoshida Y., Han B., Mendelsohn M., and Jessell T.M. (2006). PlexinA1 signaling directs the segregation of proprioceptive sensory axons in the developing spinal cord. Neuron 52, 775-88.
  • Gu C.*, Yoshida Y.*, Livet J., Reimert D.V., Mann F., Merte J., Henderson C.E., Jessell T.M., Kolodkin A.L., and Ginty D.D. (2005). Semaphorin 3E and plexin-D1 control vascular pattern   independently of neuropilins. Science 307, 265-8. *shared first authorship.
  • Yoshida, Y., Tanakam S., Umemori, H., Minowa, O., Usui, M., Ikematsu, N., Hosoda, E., Imamura, T., Kuno, J., Yamashita, T., Miyazono, K., Noda, M., Noda, T., and Yamamoto, T. (2000). Negative regulation of BMP/Smad signaling by Tob in osteoblasts. Cell 103, 1085-97.