OIST Bike Share


The Bike Share Club aims to provide its members usage of electrical and non-electrical bikes.

  • How to become a member:

To become a member, please email one of the officers of the OIST Bike Share Club: Ianto Cannon (ianto.cannon@oist.jp), Julian Katzke (JULIAN.KATZKE@OIST.JP), Karol Gietka (Karol.Gietka@oist.jp), Lorena Andreoli (lorena.andreoli@oist.jp), Miles Desforges (MILES.DESFORGES@OIST.JP), or Stefano Pascarelli (stefano.pascarelli1@oist.jp). Anyone within the OIST community (with an oist.jp account) and over 18 years old may become a member. Membership will be granted for the number of days according to the amount paid as membership fee, which must be paid in cash to one of the officers. New members must meet with an officer to learn the bike-share club by-laws before using the bicycles. All members should join the club Slack workspace to easily communicate with other club members and report issues with the bicycles. 

Membership fee:

1 month : ¥ 1500

2 months : ¥ 3000

3 months : ¥ 3500

4 months : ¥ 4000

5 months : ¥ 4500

6 months: ¥ 4500

7 months : ¥ 5000

8 months : ¥ 5500

9 months: ¥ 6000

10 months : ¥ 6500

11 months : ¥ 7000

12 months : ¥ 7000

Current members and membership expiry dates are listed here

  • Borrowing electrical bikes:

Members may request to borrow one bicycle for up to seven days using the outlook calendars (bicyclest1@oist.jp, bicyclest2@oist.jp, bicyclest3@oist.jp, bicyclest4@oist.jp, bicyclest5@oist.jp, or bicyclest6@oist.jp). During their reservation period, keys and battery can be collected between 9 am and midday Monday to Friday from the Recreation Services office in OIST village center. Please email Robyn in advance to schedule a pick up. The bicycle can then be collected from the parking structure near the OIST auditorium. On the penultimate day of the reservation, the borrower may request to extend their reservation by up to five days (if no one reserved the bike in the calendar until that day). No booking can end more than 14 days after the time of reservation. All reservations must start and end on a working day, so recreation services are able to handle the keys. The bike-share club officers may cancel the reservation if it does not meet the club by-laws. New members must meet with an officer to learn the bike-share club by-laws before using the bicycles.

  • Borrowing non-electrical bikes:

Members may request to reserve one non-electric bike for an entire academic term. If there is no waiting list, and the user renews their membership, the bike can be borrowed for another academic term. All reservations must end on a work day. If you are interested in borrowing a non-electrical bike, please e-mail one of our officers to check availability.


If you have any questions please contact one of the officers: Lorena AndreoliIanto CannonKarol GietkaJulian KatzkeMiles Desforges, or Stefano Pascarelli