Do you see Art in Science?

Do you see Art in Science?

There is artistic value in many images taken for scientific research. However, the artistic value often gets overlooked. We hope to challenge researchers to look at science through the lens of art and to communicate the beauty of science to the public. This can enable scientists to reach a wider audience and change the view of science in the eyes of the general public.

Congratulations to the winners!

Popular vote

#4 Human vs. Octopus, Cephalopod microCT and lightsheet microscopy,

by Eric Edsinger 


#21 The Early Development of Brachiopod, Marine Butterfly, Marine plankton

by Yi-Jyun Luo 


Children’s vote from CDC

#14 The Mickey mouse in us, The quest for Mickey cell, Where Disney meets science

by Olga Elisseeva 


Vote from local high school students

#19 First sketch from seahorse project

by Tsumoru Shintake


Jonathan and Renee Dorfan’s selection

#16 Rho-knockout mouse

by Stefan Pommer