Workshop Venue

OIST Seaside House


Only 1.5 km from the Main Campus, Seaside House overlooks the East China Sea in Onna Village with a spectacular view of coral reefs and islands.

Facility Guide


The multi-functional building hosts two research laboratories, and serves as a venue for international workshops and seminars.


Seminar Room

Seminar Room is a multi-purpose conference hall used for workshops, seminars, courses and large meetings. The room is equipped with network access and can seat 65 people.

Chura Hall

Chura Hall is a multi-purpose space for meetings, and a dining space for participants of workshops, seminars, courses, etc.

Meeting Room

There are 2 meeting rooms, each with a capacity for 12. The glass walls not only are beautiful but also function as a whiteboard.


Guest Rooms

There are 22 twin guest rooms located on the second and third floors of Seaside House. The guest rooms are used as accommodation for participants of workshops and courses. All guest rooms provide access to the Internet.

Secure LAN / Shower, Restrooms / Air Conditioned / Building Phones

Other Facilities

Network Availability

Ethernet LAN Seminar Room、Meeting Room、Guest Room
Wireless LAN Seminar Room、Meeting Room、Guest Room、Lounge、Chura Hall


soft-drink and snack vending machines / washer/dryer-equipped laundries (Free)

Floor Map

Please check the Floor Map for other facilities


Access to Seaside House via bus, taxi or car

For further information, please see the Campus Access page for bus routes, maps, and other details.