Visa-Required Candidates

Candidates who are required to have visas to enter Japan, please read the following steps carefully for timely processing of your visa applications. Also, please check your email regularly to make sure that you do not miss important messages sent from OIST Graduate School.

Visa Application and Travel Process

Step 1: Early-Dec

OIST Graduate School will send you an Admissions Workshop invitation email in early to mid to late-Apr. In the invitation email, we ask you to complete an online questionnaire regarding your travel, meal, and accommodation arrangements. Please read the OIST Travel Rule document carefully and submit the questionnaire response by Dec 8th (Sun) 23:59 (JST), 2019. 

Step 2: Mid to Late-December

Once we receive your response to the questionnaire, we will book the airline tickets for you to travel to/from Okinawa (Please do not make the travel arrangements yourself). Your travel itinerary and e-ticket will be sent to you via email when it is finalized.

Then the documents that are necessary for you to apply for a Japanese visa will be sent to you. While waiting for the documents to arrive, please go ahead and visit the nearest Japanese embassy/consulate website for more information about the "short-term stay" visa application process.

Step 3: Early-January

Take all the documents that were sent to you to the nearest Embassy or Consulate of Japan in your country and apply for the "Short-Term Stay" visa.

Please note that in some countries (People's Republic of China, for instance), you will be asked to apply for a visa through an agent instead of submitting documents directly to the Embassy or Consulate.

Required Documents

The known required documents will be sent to you, but please make sure to read through the information about the visa application process. If you have any questions about the required documents or about the process, please contact the Embassy/Consulate.

Download example for visa application (OIST Version)

Step 4: Mid to Late-January

Immediately after receiving your Japanese visa, please send a copy via email. The email address you will use to send the copy of your visa can be found in the visa application documents, which you received.


Step 5: Travel