Travel Information

Your schedule will be packed during the Admissions Workshop, so we highly recommend you to prepare everything you need prior to traveling to Japan.


Travel Insurance  

OIST provides travel insurance to all international travelers. You should be able to find the insurance information on the airline information that we send you, but if you cannot find it, please feel free to contact us. Please print and bring the insurance policy with you. 

Download the travel insurance policy


E-ticket(s) would be sent to you by email 1 week prior to the Admissions Workshop. Please carry printed E-ticket(s) when you travel. Please present all the E-ticket(s) when you are checking in for your first flight and tell the airline staff that your final destination is NAHA, JAPAN. Please also ask the airline staff if you can check your luggage in all the way to the final destination, Naha Airport.

Some of you (those who have separate E-tickets) may have to pick up the luggage at the transit airport and may be required to check it in once again at the airline counter. In such a case, please first ask the airport staff what you need to do and follow their instructions to make sure you do not miss the next flight.

Missed the flights/connection?

1.    Report the situation immediately

2.    Contact airline staff at the counter of the airport (you don’t have to wait for our instructions)

3.    Check if they can reschedule your flights

4.    Send us the “UPDATED" schedule (New Arrival time and Flight number to Okinawa) by email at

5.    OIST AWS team will arrange a taxi to the accommodation based on the updated schedule you send us.

      *Please note that we cannot arrange unless you send us your updated schedule.


Currency Exchange

Please bring at least 30,000 yen (approximately $300 USD) as access to currency exchange and ATM is limited during the workshop. Also, you may not have time to exchange currency once you arrive at Naha Airport, so we ask that you exchange the currency in your own country before you leave.

Japan still has the CASH culture, so many stores, restaurants, and taxis can only take cash. So, please be mindful of this cultural aspects when planning for your trip.

Go to currency information page


The AC outlet in Okinawa is Type A, 100 Volts/60Hz, with two parallel blades. If necessary, please bring an adapter or voltage converter.  


Okinawa is a subtropical island with an yearly average temperature above 68F/20C. June's average temperature is around 83F/28C. So, please bring appropriate attire for the weather.

Go to climate information page

Dress Code

OIST does not have dress code, but please bring clothes that best represent you and what you think is most appropriate for interviews.

Okinawa Information

For those who are staying extra night after the Admissions Workshop, please check the website below for the information on accommodation, transportation, shopping, and more.

Go to BE.OKINAWA - Official travel and tourism information site