Naha Airport to Accommodation (Feb 17th, 2020)

OIST AWS team will arrange your transportation on Feb 17th from Naha Airport to your accommodations and will email you the details before Feb 16th.

Ground transportation meeting spot on Feb 17th: Domestic Terminal Building, Arrival Lobby on the 1st Floor in front of the "fish tank" (near the arrival gate B)

(If you would like more information about navigating the airport: Naha Airport.)

Between your accommodation & OIST

OIST will arrange your transportation from your accommodation to/from OIST.

OIST to Naha Airport (Feb 21st, 2020)

We have made the transportation arrangements for you for Friday, Feb 21st. This bus will take you to NAHA AIRPORT and will leave your accommodation at 9am sharp. Please make sure to be punctual.

If you have an early flight, we will arrange a taxi to catch the flight and let you know what time/where you meet up the driver.

If you do not want to take this bus to Naha Airport at 9am on the 21st or if you miss this bus, please make your own transportation arrangement as the stay after 9am on the 21st is considered your private stay.

Missed the flights/connection?

1.    Report ' the situation immediately

2.    Contact airline staff at the counter of the airport (you don’t have to wait for our instructions)

3.    Check if they can reschedule your flights

4.    Send us the “UPDATED” schedule (New Arrival time and Flight number to Okinawa) by email at'

5.    OIST AWS team will arrange a taxi to the accommodation based on the updated schedule you send us.

      *Please note that we cannot arrange unless you send us your updated schedule.


Missed the taxi or bus from Naha airport?

Please email at ' OIST AWS team will arrange the ground transportation for you, but we ask that you be responsible for the payment.