OIST Workshops

Every year OIST hosts international workshops and summer/winter courses – “OIST Workshops” – offering a wide range of scientific approaches and a broad overview of the according field of research. OIST Workshops not only aim to play an important role in the education of young scientists, but also to enhance cooperation with research and academic institutions in Japan and overseas. These educational activities also actively contribute to the promotion of the OIST Graduate school to the worldwide scientific community, by attracting young researchers to participate in a big variety of educational activities.

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Title Starts Organizer Application Deadline
3rd CCP4-OIST School 2015-11-02 OIST Workshop (Trans-membrane Trafficking Unit; Fadel A. Samatey, Associate Professor) 2015-08-22
RMT2015: Random matrix theory from fundamental mathematics to biological applications 2015-11-02 OIST Workshop (Mathematical and Theoretical Physics Unit; Shinobu Hikami, Professor) 2015-09-10
EAJS2015: East Asia Joint Symposium 2015 2015-11-11 For more information contact: eajs2015@oist.jp; Jointly-organized: OIST (Developmental Neurobiology Unit; Ichiro Masai, Associate Professor) & University of Tokyo
International Symposium on Functional Materials 2016-01-25 OIST Workshop (Energy Materials and Surface Sciences Unit; Yabing Qi, Assistant Professor) 2015-10-05
OIST Marine Science Workshop Series. 1. Multi-Island Connectivity 2016-03-16 OIST Workshop (Marine Biophysics Unit; Satoshi Mitarai, Assistant Professor)
RD2DES - 2016: Recent Developments in 2D Electron Systems 2016-04-04 OIST Workshop (Quantum Dynamics Unit; Denis Konstantinov, Associate Professor)
Coherent Control of Complex Quantum Systems 2016-04-18 OIST Workshop (Quantum Systems Unit; Thomas Busch, Associate Professor)
Nanoclusters Synthesis, Characterization and Applications 2016-05-16 OIST Workshop (Nanoparticles by Design Unit; Mukhles Ibrahim Sowwan, Associate Professor)
OIST Computational Neuroscience Course (OCNC2016) 2016-06-13 OIST Workshop (Computational Neuroscience Unit; Erik De Schutter, Professor)
Physically-based modeling of polyatomic gases and phase transitions 2016-07-04 OIST Workshop (Mathematical Soft Matter Unit; Eliot Fried, Professor)
Ultrafast Dynamics at the Nanoscale 2016-07-13 OIST Workshop (Femtosecond Spectroscopy Unit; Keshav Dani, Assistant Professor)
OIST Developmental Neurobiology Course (DNC2016) 2016-07-23 OIST Workshop (Formation and Regulation of Neuronal Connectivity Research Unit; David Van Vactor, Professor (Adjunct))
New Aspects of Micro- and Macro-scopic Flows in Soft Matters 2016-08-15 Jointly-organized: OIST (Micro/Bio/Nanofluidics Unit (Amy Shen, Professor)) & The Society of Rheology, Japan (SRJ)
Okinawa School in Physics: Coherent Quantum Dynamics (CQD2016) 2016-09-27 OIST Workshop (Light-Matter Interactions Unit; Sile Nic Chormaic, Associate Professor)
MCM2016: Moduli space, conformal field theory and matrix models 2016-10-24 OIST Workshop (Mathematical and Theoretical Physics Unit; Shinobu Hikami, Professor)
22nd International Congress of Zoology (ICZ) "Animal evolution: genomics, genes, development and physiology" 2016-11-14 Jointly-organized: OIST (Marine Genomics Unit (Noriyuki Satoh, Professor) & The Zoological Society of Japan
Type III secretion systems: the bacterial flagellum and the injectisome 2017-03-01 OIST Workshop (Trans-membrane Trafficking Unit; Fadel A. Samatey, Associate Professor)