Those who got a real job...

Shiho Saito - Research Unit Administrator (2011-2017)

As a RUA, I was a member of TQM unit since it joined OIST in Oct 2011 until Sep 2017. I now work with Hikami unit and newly joined Pigolotti Unit at OIST.

Mathieu Taillefumier - Postdoctoral Scholar OIST (2014-2017)

After completing my PhD in the Louis Neel institute in Grenoble with Claudine Lacroix and the Max Planck Institute in Halle with Patrick Bruno, I moved to Norway where I first integrated the group of Arne Brataas working on cold atoms physics and spintronic then to Oslo in the group of Susanne Viefers. After that I moved to Frankfurt am main in the group of Peter Kopietz before joining the Shannon group at OIST.  My passions include, meeting friends, practicing sport (cycling, hiking, etc), learning about mathematics, informatics and science in general, dancing, billiard and many others activities I have too little time to do....

Those who left us for faculty positions...

Ludovic Jaubert - Postdoc (2012) & Group Leader OIST (2013-2016)

Before discovering Okinawa in 2012, I spent most of my life in Europe (and a bit in Brazil), studied at the Ecole Normale Supérieure of Lyon, and worked at the Max Planck Institute of Dresden and the University of Oxford. I spent more than 4 years in Okinawa, where, outside of work, I enjoyed discovering Japan and Asia and ... did not quite manage to learn Japanese :) In 2017, I moved to Bordeaux in France, where I am pursuing my research at CNRS.

Yutaka Akagi - Postdoctoral Scholar OIST (2014-2015)  

After completing my PhD with Prof. Yukitoshi Motome in the University of Tokyo, I joined the TQM Unit at OIST in April 2014, and had enjoyed working with Nic for one year and seven months. I am now working at the University of Tokyo in Katsura group as an assistant professor.  I used to have many other hobbies, such as swimming, skiing, snowboarding, playing football, basketball, and the drums, etc. But now, my last surviving hobbies are drinking with my friends, reading comics, and watching animations.

Hiroaki Ueda - Postdoctoral Scholar OIST (2013-2015)

After 10 years studying at Kyoto University, I spent 3 years working as a postdoc in the Kanto region before moving to OIST in April 2013.  I spent two years working in the TQM Unit enjoying working on quantum magnets and mathematical physics.  I could not only concentrate on the research, but also improve mathematical skills and English thanks to the ardent (passionate?) group members. Since April 1st 2015, I have been a Lecturer at Toyama Prefectural University, where it snows a lot more than in Okinawa! In addition to maths and physics, I like Esperanto and console games.

Those who moved on to postdoc positions...

Owen Benton - PhD Student Bristol/OIST (2010-2014), Postdoctoral Scholar OIST (2014-2016)

 I began my PhD with Nic Shannon in Bristol in 2010 and completed it on the sunny shores of Okinawa. After a couple more years working in OIST, I have now taken up a postdoc position in the Condensed Matter Theory Laboratory of Akira Furusaki at RIKEN.  Outside work I enjoy playing football, watching cricket, and exploring Tokyo with my wife Missy.

Karim Essafi - Postdoctoral Scholar OIST (2013-2017)

I completed my PhD with Dominique Mouhanna at the University Pierre and Marie Curie in 2012. In November 2013, I joined the TQM Unit at OIST. I am interested in phase transitions and critical phenomena. During my PhD, I specialised in the study of critical phenomena using the nonperturbative renormalisation group (NPRG). I am now a postdoc at Sorbonne university in Paris, France. Outside of work, I enjoy playing football, climbing, diving and surfing.

Luis Seabra - PhD student Bristol (2006-2010)

I did my PhD with Nic in Bristol on highly frustrated magnets under magnetic field. My academic career continued with a brief stop in Budapest with Karlo Penc, and then two consecutive postdocs with Frank Pollmann in MPI-PKS, Dresden and Netanel Lindner in in Technion, Israel, where I numerically studied low-dimensional phases of matter. Details of my academic career can be found in I am now working in the field of data analysis and science with Closer Consulting in Lisbon.

Olga Sikora - Researcher OIST (2011-2012), Research Associate Bristol (2009-2011) 

Olga joined TQM group while it was still located in Bristol, following a postdoc at MPI-PKS Dresden.  She then moved on to Taiwan National University, where she worked with Ying-Jer Kao.  Olga is now employed as an Adjunkt in the Marian Smoluchowski Institute of Physics at the Jagiellonian University, Krakow in Poland.  

Andrew Smerald - Researcher OIST (2012-2013), PhD Student Bristol (2008-2012)

Having studied in both Oxford and Bristol in the UK, I moved to Okinawa in September 2012 after completing my PhD. I stayed there for approximately one year as a postdoc, continuing with the research that Nic and I started in Bristol. I am now working at the EPFL in Switzerland, in Prof. Mila's group.  Outside of physics, I like being active, and play a variety of sports. My other favourite hobby is teasing my Texan friend, Missy Benton, who is an honorary member of the TQM group.

 Those who were on the way to graduate school...

Pierre Adroguer - Research Intern Bristol (Summer 2008)

After my first experience in Theoretical Condensed Matter physics with Nic in Bristol in the summer 2008, I have focused on theoretical mesoscopic physics with a PhD I have done and defended in 2013 in the ENS de Lyon about Electronic transport properties of topological insulators under the supervision of Dr. David Carpentier and Dr. Pascal Degiovanni. From September 2013 to September 2015, I have worked in the mesoscopic physics unit in the Universität Würburg (Germany).
I am now a physics teacher in France, and you can find some of my works on the website :

Victor Drouin-Touchette - Research Intern OIST (May-Aug 2016)

After finishing a Bachelor in Mathematics and Physics at University of Montreal, I joined the TQM group for an internship to explore the physics of frustrated magnetism. Previously, I worked with Michel Gingras at University of Waterloo on the effect of anisotropic couplings on the Hubbard model on the triangular lattice. I will soon begin a Ph.D. at Rutgers University, focusing on theoretical condensed matter. While in Okinawa, I enjoy trying new exotic food, discovering the fishes and corals through snorkeling, and hiking through the tropical forest !

Maxime Garnier - Research Intern OIST (Apr-Aug 2015)

I am currently studying physics at the Ecole Normale Superieure de Cachan and Université Pierre & Marie Curie in Paris, France, and I joined the TQM unit for a 4-months internship here in Okinawa. Besides the great physics done here at OIST, my deepest interests go to playing the bass, listening to music, meeting new people and studying the social sciences. I really want to enjoy Okinawan landscapes, food and culture as much as possible !

Valentin Raban - Research Intern OIST (Summer 2013)

I joined the TQM unit in 2013 for a 3-month internship. I then went back to France to complete my Master degree at the ENS Lyon. I am now doing a PhD on frustrated magnetism, between Lyon and Montpellier, with P. Holdsworth and L. Berthier. Outside work I enjoy cycling and hiking in the countryside near Montpellier.

Sameer Narahari Wagh - Research Intern OIST (Summer 2013) 

I am pursuing a PhD in Computer Security in Electrical Engineering at Princeton University. I am fortunate to be advised by Prof. Prateek Mittal. My current research interests are in theoretical security and applied cryptography.  Previously, I spent 4 wonderful years at IIT Madras doing a B.Tech in Engineering Physics.  My list of non-academic interests vastly exceeds its academic counterpart. I like traveling, cooking and am passionate about sports in general.