Okinawa Musa - Itobasho Projects -

OIST Okinawa Traditional Textile Club is now
Okinawa Musa -Itobasho Projects-.

OIST Okinawa Traditional Textile Club was established to visit workshops and to learn and experience various Okinawa’s traditional textile making, culture and history. Now, we decided to take the club in to the next step, we now focus on itobasho and find ways to ultilise the plant.

About Okinawa Musa -Itobasho Projects-

Itobasho is one of Okinawa's native plants. It is strong against typhoons and has strong roos to hold soil from sliding. So, local farmers planted itobasho around their fields as winbreak. However, there are many farmers do not like the plant because it is not an edible plant, grows without much care, and invates to fields.

So, we are planning to coorperate with local farmers and hopefully local community to find a way to utilize leaves, stems, and roots of itobasho.

Our activities will be posted in the menu, please check and join us!

Latest Posts

  • GW Indigo Dye Workshop|藍染ワークショップ

    GW 琉球藍研究所 藍染めワークショップ
    GW Ryukyu Indigo Dye Workshop by Ryukyu Indigo Lab

    開催日時|Dates & Times
    2022年5/1(日)~5/8(日)|1st ~ 8th May, Sunday

    1日2部構成|Twice a day
    11:00~13:00 (max 10名)
    14:00~16:00 (max. 10名)


    おきなわ工芸の杜|Okinawa Craft Procotion Centre
    〒901-0241 沖縄県豊見城市豊見城1114-1 | 1114-1 Tomigusuku, Tomigusuku-city
    TEL 098-987-0380


  • Igimi T-guma  Exhibition&Sale @ Ogimi village

    The 16th Igimi T-guma, exhibition and sales by craft artists in Ogimi

    The 16th Igimi T-guma, exhibition and sales by craft artists in Ogimi will be held at Ogimi village.

    Making thread by Kijoka Bashofu association (Reservation is required) will be held at the site from 10 am - 1:00 pm on 7 April Sunday.

  • Yambaru Art Festival till January 20, 2019

    Bashofu Textile Studio has a beautiful exhibition at former Shioya elementary school in Ogimi village and on January 20, Sunday, they will hold a Kijoka Bashofu Fabric Workshop. There are many other artists holding interesting exhibition both in English and Japanese.