Okinawa Traditional Textiles Club

Okinawa Traditional Textiles Club launched!

There are many people interested in traditionally crafted and dyed fabric at OIST but we haven't had a place to meet.  We would like to set up this club to provide opportunities for everyone to gather and talk about our common interests. One of the purposes of this club is to hold a study group for conserving Basho-fu, which is heading for declining Okinawa's traditionally crafted and dyed fabric. Ideas from the study group are going to be shared with the public through exhibitions and lectures.


  1. Monthly meeting for information exchange.
  2. Excursions to textile-studios and museums, hold workshops, etc.
  3. Basho-fu conservation meeting

How to be a member?

Any OIST members/family members who love Okinawan textiles.
Please contact from HERE.


Dr. Yoko Nomura
Research Scientist
Science and Technology Group


Hitomi Shinzato
Research Unit Administrator
Nucleic Acid Chemistry and Engineering Unit

Japanese craftspeople dying bashofu cloth.

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