OIST Okinawa Traditional Textiles Club

Welcome to Okinawa Traditional Textile Club!

About the club

There are many people interested in traditionally crafted and dyed fabric at OIST but we haven't had a place to meet.  We would like to set up this club to provide opportunities for everyone to gather and talk about our common interests. One of the purposes of this club is to hold a study group for conserving Basho-fu, which is heading for declining Okinawa's traditionally crafted and dyed fabric. Ideas from the study group are going to be shared with the public through exhibitions and lectures. 


  1. Visit textile studios and museums. 
  2. Organise and support workshops, exhibitions, or other related events. 
  3. Information exchange. 
  4. Bashofu Study Group, Okinawa Musa (To get involved with this part, please contact secretariat first).
    1. Managing Basho Shop (https://www.okinawamusa.com/)


Latest Posts

  • Basho Shop OPEN!

    Basho Shop Now OPEN

    Okinawa MUSA (https://www.okinawamusa.com/?lang=en)

    It may take a few seconds to a min to load. Please be patient. 

  • Igimi T-guma  Exhibition&Sale @ Ogimi village

    The 16th Igimi T-guma, exhibition and sales by craft artists in Ogimi

    The 16th Igimi T-guma, exhibition and sales by craft artists in Ogimi will be held at Ogimi village.

    Making thread by Kijoka Bashofu association (Reservation is required) will be held at the site from 10 am - 1:00 pm on 7 April Sunday.

  • Yambaru Art Festival till January 20, 2019

    Bashofu Textile Studio has a beautiful exhibition at former Shioya elementary school in Ogimi village and on January 20, Sunday, they will hold a Kijoka Bashofu Fabric Workshop. There are many other artists holding interesting exhibition both in English and Japanese.