Presentations by External Professionals

Bridging science and business

Mr. Toshihiko Honkura, President & CEO of Quantum Biosystems Inc.
21st July 2017

A Life in Science

Sir Richard J Roberts, Nobel Laureate & CSO of New England Biolabs
6th September 2016

A physicist‘s journey: Transitioning from academic to industrial jobs

Dr. Nancy Hecker-Denschlag, Marketing m-u-t GmbH
23rd February 2016

University Research, Start-ups and IP Licensing

Dr. Scott Brown, CEO Nexeon Co., Ltd.
18th January 2016

IP Creation and Management in Academic Research​

Mr. Gwilym Roberts, Partner at Kilburn & Strode
16th November 2015

Research Commercialization: A mode to enhance impact from academic and industry research
Dr. Denichiro (Denny) Otsuga, Vice President, CSU Ventures
9th February 2015
Patent Basics and Specifics Important for University Researchers
Dr. Akiko Kobayashi, Owner of LambentIP, US Patent Agent
11th September 2014
Technology Commercialization: A Mode of Knowledge Transfer

Dr. Denichiro (Denny) Otsuga, Vice President, CSU Ventures
from University Spin-off Seminar 1
25th March 2014

How Researchers Support Economic Development

Ms. Hope Hartman, Vice President, Business Development & SAGE Advisor
from University Spin-off Seminar 2
25th March 2014

Engaging Industry: Why should an academic researcher be interested?

Dr. David Secher, University of Cambridge, PraxisUnico and Cambridge KT
28th March 2012

University-Industry Collaborations at the University of Tokyo

Dr. Takafumi Yamamoto, CEO and President of TODAY TLO
24th February 2011

International Patent Application by PCT System

Dr. Teruhisa Shimomichi, Patent Attorney, SEIWA PATENT & LAW
24th February 2011

Introduction to Intellectual Property for Researchers

Mr. Nobuo Ono, Patent Attorney, Patent corporate body of ONO & CO.
29th January 2010