Vladimir Dinets

I am a zoologist interested in animal behavior and conservation. I am currently studying brood parasitism in birds (with Mark Hauber), and behavioral ecology of rare animals such as Ross's gulls in Siberia and saolas in Indochina. I am planning to start long-term monitoring of the population dynamics of endemic rodents, bats, and migratory birds in Okinawa.

In 2011, I got a Ph.D from the University of Miami, studying the evolution of long-distance communication systems in crocodilians. Later I did follow-up studies on other aspects of crocodilian biology, such as tree climbing, coordinated hunting, and using tools. Here are my article The Unknown Crocodiles about this research for The Conservation; another article The Crocodilian Revolution for ZME Science; and my Ask Me Anything session on Reddit Science. I am currently continuing research of reptile social behavior with Gordon Burghardt

I've also studied zoonotic diseases (plague and Sin Nombre hantavirus) in the American West, behavior of reintroduced whooping cranes in Louisiana (project website), biology of woolly flying squirrels in Pakistan, ecology of rock ptarmigan in the High Arctic, conservation of ungulates in Israel and of European mink in Russia, and other interesting subjects.

I've written a few popular books and have over 50 scientific publications; here's my website.