Support sessions for KAKENHI online application


Wednesday, October 14, 2020 - 13:00 to Friday, October 16, 2020 - 15:00


FY2021 KAKENHI application process is in the final stage.

October 19th at 3 pm is the OIST internal deadline for submitting KAKENHI online applicationsAll applicants need to complete the online application by the above internal deadline.

We will hold KAKENHI online application support sessions as shown below:

· 13:00-15:00 Tuesday, October 14 @ B503- L1 Bldg

· 10:00-12:00 Thursday, October 15 @ B503 - L1 Bldg

· 13:00-15:00 Friday, October 16 @ B503 - L1 Bldg

  (If you have CO-PI, please contact them and get their e-Rad ID number and negotiate their effort (xx%) before online submission.)

Application Procedure:

  1. Due to the modification of the application form, the budget and some other parts have become online input items.
    - Please complete the Budget Field Preparation Form before you log in to the JSPS Online Application System. (Providing justification fields for the research costs is also very important)  and;
    - Determine a "Review Section" by using the Review Section Table.
  2. Have your proposal ready for submission. Your proposal will be submitted via the JSPS Online Application System. (Some of the pages are only available in Japanese.) If you can not attend the Online Input Support Sessions (October 16-18), please have your unit secretary/RUA assist you with the following procedures.
  3. Please log in to the JSPS Online Application System by entering the e-Rad login ID and password. Please see the Web Application Instruction.
  4. The application form, you have filled in must be converted to PDF before you upload to the system.  After the completion of the electronic procedures, you can download the final version of the application form with the cover sheet and the budget tables.
  5. Please click on the submit button after confirming the contents of the final application file.
  6. If you have a co-investigator(s) (Kenkyuu Buntansya) in your proposal please obtain consent to be a co-investigator of your research by fill in co-investigators information in the system. Without co-investigator(s) consent, you can't complete your proposal submission. If you could not get consent from co-investigator(s), please remove them from the co-investigator(s)' list.(see. link)

Codes for Institution : 38005

All-OIST Category: 

Intra-Group Category

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