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Invitation of Research Proposal in 2013 for Basic Research Programs (CREST, PRESTO)

!!!UPDATED Seminar Materials!!!!
April 12:
JST Grant Seminar by Sponsored Research Section 
May 14: Briefing session for JST Strategic Basic Research Programs (Crest, Presto) by the funding agency JST.


1. Overview: 
What is CREST?
CREST is a funding program for team-oriented research with the aim of achieving the strategic goals set forth by the government. The objective is to create revolutionary technological seeds for science and technology innovation.   
What is PRESTO?  
Promoting individual research to nurture the seeds of future innovation and organizing unique, innovative network. 

Please see "Research Areas for CREST and PRESTO" for the research areas that are calling for applications this year. 

CREST: Researchers who are affiliated with a domestic Japanese research institution, and who are able to bear overall responsibility for a research project throughout the entirety of the research period.
PRESTO: A research project applicant must be the person himself/herself who is going to be the individual researcher, the proposer of the subject research initiative, and be the researcher who will independently perform research work in pursuit of the research initiative.

3. Amount: 
CREST: 150 - 500 million yen per team for the entire research period
PRESTO: 30 - 40 million yen for the entire research period

4. Period: 
up to 5.5 years (may be extended to the end of the sixth year)
PRESTO: up to 3. 5 years (may be extended to the end of the fourth year)

5. Sponsor Deadline:
CREST:   !!!June 13, Thursday at 12:00 noon!!!
PRESTO: !!!June 11, Tuesday  at 12:00 noon!!!

If you would like to apply for this grant, please submit Grant Pre-submission Form to SRS ( one month prior to the sponsor deadline. 

6. Applications:
For more details, please read FY2013 Application guidelines (CREST, PRESTO).  
Please download application forms HERE or at the bottom of this page.

You will need to apply for these grants through online system called e-Rad. 
If you have not registered in the system, please contact SRS ( to obtain your login/password.

Please contact for any inquiries. 


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