Skill Pills Plus Workshop Information

Welcome to OIST Skill Pills+ Workshop!

The Skill Pills+ provide participants a unique opportunity for students in Japan to learn about research being conducted in the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST) directly from active researchers. The Skill Pills are a series of extracurricular intensive nanocourses designed for the OIST PhD students, taught by OIST members that are focused on learning practical skills or knowledge. For the Skill Pills+, one research unit in OIST will teach about their specialty over a weekend to selected Japanese students and to the OIST community. Through Skill Pills+, the students will also be able to learn about the OIST campus, research opportunities we have to offer (internships, PhD program...) and build relationships with researchers in Okinawa.
We are very much looking forward to welcoming you all!

What to bring?

  • E-ticket(s) for your flight
  • Proper shoes for lab visits (ex. sneakers)
  • Laptop
  • Travel goods (clothes, amenities)
  • Money for souvenirs etc. (OIST will provide you meals and transportation but any personal expense will be your responsibility)

Note: For more information of amenities at your accommodation, please check Seaside House and you can find out any additional goods are necessary for you.

Arrival Information

Please click BUS INFO below to see the meeting point, time and emergency contact on the day of your arrival to Naha Airport.

Workshop Handbook

Workshop handbook is now available. Please check the participants' & organizers' introduction and schedule.

Preparation for Workshop

We will be using the NEST simulator with Python using Jupyter notebooks. OIST will provide computers with all the necessary software pre-installed, but in case you want to install it on your own computer, we recommend using Anaconda. For Linux and MacOS, follow these instructions. For Windows it’s trickier, we decided to install it through a virtual machine. You can test your setup with this notebook. We will be happy to help you install these during the workshop if you wish.

Workshop Schedule

Take a look at the workshop schedule here. There may be some changes and modifications along the way, but this would help you plan and organize your stay in Okinawa. 
Friday, November 8 17:00 Pick-up at Naha Aiport Naha Airport Domestic Terminal
  18:00 Arrival to OIST accommodation Seaside House
    Dinner with teaching members Seaside House
    Free time  
Saturday, November 9


Departure from Seaside House to OIST Main Campus Seaside House Lobby
  8:15 Breakfast Grano
  9:00 Short Campus Tour  
  9:30 Welcome - Professor Skoglund (Dean of the Graduate School) B700
  9:45 Icebreaking Activities B700
  10:00 Introduction Lecture by Prof. Fukai B700

Python and Jupyter Notebooks Basics

  12:00 Lunch Restaurant at OIST
  13:00 Ordinary Differential Equations & Numerical Methods B700
  14:00 Introduction to NEST Simulator B700


  15:30 Guided NEST exercises (basic) B700
  17:30 Life at OIST as a student B700
  18:00 Dinner Restaurant at OIST
  19:30 Departure from OIST to Seaside  
    Free Time  
Sunday, November 10 8:00

Departure from Seaside House to OIST Main Campus

*Please make sure to bring all your luggage with you when you leave Seaside House as you will go to Naha Airport directly from OIST Main Campus

Seaside House Lobby
  8:15 Breakfast Grano
  8:55 Luggage store at office  
  9:00 Guided NEST exercises (intermediate) B700
  12:00 Lunch Restaurant at OIST
  13:00 Wrap-up session and certificate presentation by Misaki Takebayashi (Vice Dean of Graduate School) B700
  14:30 Departure from OIST to Naha Airport  


Facilities at the Venues

  • Internet: In OIST Campus, public spaces are equipped with wireless LAN.
  • Phone: There is no public phone on campus.
  • Convenience Store: On campus, there is Jimmy's (convenience store) at the Village Center area. The closest off-campus convenience stores are located about 3km  - 4km from OIST
  • Soft drinks are available at vending machines in Seaside House and campus cafeteria (Level C).

Information on Cafe and stores on campus can be found HERE


You will stay at OIST Seaside House located 3km from OIST the main campus. Please click HERE to see the details of the facility.
Available amenities at the accommodation include:
  • Shampoo/Conditioner
  • Body soap
  • Trash bag
  • Tissue
  • Toilet paper
  • Plastic cup
  • Tooth Brush
  • Slippers
  • Watch
  • Hair Dryer
  • LAN Cable
  • Towels

Daily Transportation

OIST staff will provide transportation between Seaside House and OIST Main Campus.

Please check the daily schedule on the schedule above.

Note: Skill Pills + has full schedule; therefore, we ask participants to be punctual. If you were to miss the transportation service that OIST provides due to a personal reason, we ask that you notify us as soon as possible and proceed to make your own transportation arrangement.

Additional Information

Click on the icons below to find a wide range of information from hotel information in Okinawa, as well as restaurants and optional activities that are available near OIST campus. More importantly, please take a minute to learn about dangerous species that live on the island!

Emergency Contact

In case of any emergency during the period of workshop, please call numbers below.
               Medical emergency   098-966-8989  (domestic) or 080-6566-9989  (domestic)
                      Any questions   090-6865-7005 (domestic)
You can also leave a message if it is not urgent.
During the office hour (Weekdays, 9AM to 5PM), please call 098-966-1512.
Note: This mobile number is only available during he workshop