Sci-En Yuntaku

What is Sci-En Yuntaku?

Sci-En Yuntaku is an initiative from the OIST student community. Our endeavor aims to expose students to learn science by breaking down the barrier of language. Science is a universal language to interact with nature. We are a group of Ph.D. students at OIST Graduate University motivated to encourage young Okinawan Students to expose them to the beautiful world of science by helping them to learn science in English. Each student is valuable to us, and we are here to help them learn science and English.

For Student

We are looking forward to motivated Okinawan high school and university students interested in a learning experience of science in English. There is no prior English knowledge required. So come and join us; let's learn together!


We will teach selected topics from Physics, Biology, Computer Science, and Mathematics. Our curriculum will be designed based on student's needs for particular topics based on student's votes. The curriculum for each subject can be viewed through the curriculum webpage <click_here>. 

Each batch would include 20 students approx., while there is a limitation of 10 students for students interested in computer science. (We sincerely apologize for this because of safe distancing in computer lab due to covid regulations.)


  • Students who are currently in their high school and first year of university studies are eligible.  
  • No prior English language knowledge is required.
  • Students who join our lecture series are required to attend all the lecture series. 


There will be 4 sessions:

  • 18. September.2021 (9/18)
  • 16. October.2021 (10/16)
  • 20. November.2021 (11/20)
  • 18. December.2021 (12/18)

The schedule is subjected to change depending on other events conducted at OIST Graduate University. However, this will be updated immediately on this website and also will be informed to the registered candidates. 


Registration form is here.

Registration Process

You can find the registration process for registering to our lecture series below. 

Contact us


(Please change [at] to @)

Group member

  • Aswathy Raj (India)
  • Hoshu Hiyane (Japan)
  • Morihiro Ohta (Japan, Team leader)
  • Mohammed Zia Jalaludeen (India)
  • Pradeep Palanichamy (India)
  • Prajakta Kokate (India)
  • Sarika Sasidharan Nair (India)
  • Yoshimura Hideyuki (Japan)