Ulf Skoglund

Ulf Skoglund
Ulf Skoglund
Dean of Graduate School
BSc PhD (Stockholm) Docent (Uppsala)


  • Letterstedtska Prize of the Royal Swedish Academy of Science (1992)
  • Arrhenius Medal, Swedish Chemical Society (1996)

Research Career

  • Karolinska Institute
  • University of Stockholm
  • University of Uppsala

Selected Publications

  • Skoglund, U., Andersson, K., Strandberg, B., and Daneholt, B. The 3-D structure of a specific premessenger RNP particle established by electron microscopic tomography. Nature 319, 560-564 (1986).
  • Skoglund, U., Öfverstedt, L.-G., Burnett, R. and Bricogne, G. Maximum-entropy three-dimensional reconstruction with deconvolution of the contrast transfer function: a test application with adenovirus Journal of Structural Biology, 117:3, 173-188 (1996)
  • Öfverstedt, L.-G., Zhang K., Bricogne, G., Isaksson, L. A., and Skoglund, U Automated correlation and averaging of three dimensional reconstructions obtained by  electron tomography. Journal of Structural Biology, 120:3, 329-342 (1997)
  • Francesc Miralles, Lars-Göran Öfverstedt, Nafiseh Sabri, Youssef Aissouni, Ulf Hellman, Ulf Skoglund and Neus Visa Electron Tomography Reveals Post-Transcriptional Binding of Pre-mRNPs to Specific Fibers in the Nucleoplasm The Journal of Cell Biology 148: 271-282 (2000)
  • Ingela Wetterberg, Jian Zhao, Sergej Masich, Lars Wieslander and Ulf Skoglund In situ transcription and splicing in the Balbiani Ring 3 gene EMBO J. Vol 20 No. 10 , 2564-2574  (2001).
  • Sara Sandin, Lars-Göran Öfverstedt, Ann-Charlotte Wikström, Örjan Wrange and Ulf Skoglund Structure and flexibility of individual immunoglobulin G molecules in solution Structure 12, 409-415 (2004).
  • L. Bongini, D.Fanelli, F. Piazza, P. De Los Rios, S. Sandin, U. Skoglund Freezing  immunoglobulins to see them move PNAS 101, 6466-6471 (2004)
  • Jorma Wartiovaara, Lars-Göran Öfverstedt, Jamshid Khoshnoodi, Jingjing Zhang, Eetu Mäkelä, Sara Sandin, Vesa Ruotsalainen,  R. Holland Cheng, Hannu Jalanko,  Ulf Skoglund, and Karl Tryggvason Nephrin strands contribute to a porous slit diaphragm scaffold as revealed by electron tomography.  J. Clin. Invest. 114, 1475-1483 (2004)
  • L. Bongini, D.Fanelli, F. Piazza, P. De Los Rios, S. Sandin, U. Skoglund Dynamics of antibodies from cryo-electron tomography Biophys. Chem. 115, 235-240 (2005)
  • F. Piazza, P. De Los Rios, D. Fanelli, L. Bongini, and U. Skoglund Anticooperativity in diffusion-controlled reactions with pairs of anisotropic domains: a model for the antigen-antibody encounter. Eur. Biophys. J., 34, 899-911 (2005)
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  • H Rullgård, O. Öktem and U. Skoglund A component-vise iterated relative entropy regularization method with updated prior and regularization parameter. Inverse Problems, 23, 2121-2139 (2007)
  • L. Bongini, D. Fanelli, S. Svensson, M. Gedda, F. Piazza and U. Skoglund Resolving the geometry of biomolecules imaged by cryo electron tomography. electron tomographic images. J. Microscopy, 228 (Pt 2), 174-184 (2007)
  • L. Bongini, D. Fanelli, F. Piazza, P. De Los Rios, M. Sanner and U. Skoglund A dynamical study of antibody-antigen encounter reactions. Physical Biology, 4 (Pt 3), 172-180 (2007)
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  • E. Klaile, O. Vorontsova, K. Sigmundsson, M. M. Müller, B. B. Singer, L.-G. Öfverstedt, S. Svenssn, U Skoglund and B. Öbrink
  • The CEACAM1 N-terminal Ig-domain mediates cis and trans binding and is essential for allosteric rearrangements of CEACAM1 microclusters JCB,  187:4, 553-567 (2009)
  • E.T. Quinto, U. Skoglund and O. Öktem Electron Lambda-Tomography PNAS 106:51, 21842-21847 (2009)
  • E. Y. Bugaeva, S. Surkov, A. V. Golovin, L.-G. Öfverstedt, U. Skoglund, L. A. Isaksson, A. A. Bogdanov, O. V. Shpanchenko and O. A. Dontsova Structural features of the tmRNA-ribosome interaction RNA 15:12, 2312-2320, (2009)
  • M. Gedda, L.-G. Öfverstedt, U. Skoglund, S. Svensson Image processing system for localizing macromolecules in cryo-electron tomography Machine Graphics & Vision, 19:2, 159-184 (2010)
  • I. Iwai, HM. Han, L. den Hollander, S. Svensson, L.-G. Öfverstedt, J. Anwar, J. Brewer, M. Bloksgaard, A. Laloeuf, D. Nosek, S. Masich, L. A. Bagatolli, U. Skoglund, L. Norlén The human skin barrier is organized as stacked bilayers of fully-extended ceramides with cholesterol molecules associated with the ceramide sphingoid moiety. J. of Investigative Dermatology, advance online pub April 26, (2012)