Lars-Göran Öfverstedt, Staff Scientist

As you might recognize from my name, I’m from Sweden. I got my PhD in Biochemistry in 1983, but I soon thereafter got more interested in structural biology, especially electron tomography. I started to collaborate with Ulf Skoglund and joined his group at Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden, in 1992.  We started to implement new software to improve reconstructed 3D maps. The successful application of these computer programs is well documented in a number of publications and the development of the software in terms of stability, accuracy and speed has continued throughout the years .

At present, my focus is, besides electron microscopy, implementation of new algorithms for 3D map improvements.

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  Gunnar Wilken, Staff Scientist

I am German and joined the Structural Cellular Biology Unit in 2011.
I received my Diplom, PhD, and Habilitation in mathematics from the University of Münster, Germany. My background is mathematical logic, in particular proof theory. Before coming to OIST I was postdoctoral fellow at the Ohio State University, USA, invited researcher at Ghent University, Belgium, and researcher at the University of Münster. Here at OIST I became also interested in mathematical biology and inverse problems, in particular electron tomography.

Research projects:

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reetesh  Reetesh Raj Akhouri, Staff Scientist


bill  Bill Söderström, Staff Scientist

After completing my PhD in Biophysics (von Heijne Lab, Stockholm University) I moved to OIST and the SCB unit in Oct 2014. During my graduate studies I focused on the bacterial cell division and membrane protein topology using super resolution- and time resolved fluorescence microscopy.

Here at OIST I have switched gears and I am currently working on determining protein structures in native bacterial cell membranes mainly using cryo-electron tomography (cryo-ET). I’m also keen on exploring the relative new ground of cryo super-resolution fluorescence microscopy in combination with cryo-ET in a correlative approach.

Living on a Tropical Island means a lot of time hanging on the beach or snorkeling in beautiful waters, quite the change from cold Sweden. Loving it.  

Lately I have also taken up on my old hobby in playing soccer, with our very own OIST FC.

Research projects:

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“helena”  Helena Chan, Postdoctoral Scholar


  Qingyuan Tian, Specialist

I am from China where I received both my undergraduate degree in Automation Control and my Master E. in Computer Science and Technology in Tsinghua University. In March, 2015, I joined this research unit as a programmer, to add new functions and upgrade our in house molecular electron tomography (MET) software. Before this work, I had mainly three kinds of work experience: 1, An IT specialist in the Tax Bureau in my hometown in Hubei province, China; 2, A language information processing researcher in Beijing Language and Culture University (including one year’s visiting research in the University of Tokyo); 3,  A software architect in a software development company in Japan.  Now I am enjoying the challenging and interesting work here in OIST. I am grateful to be here. My hobbies are cooking, hiking, and Tai-Chi.


  Shizuka Kuda, Research Administrator

I am originally from Okinawa, but studied in Kumamoto and USA for long time.

Received BA in Business Administration from WSU-Cougars, worked as Procurement Specialist in USNH and Account Reps at Insurance Company in USA.

I’ve been with Structural Cellular Biology Unit since the Unit started in 2010 and really glad to be assisting Unit Members.


  Kim Keon Young, Rotation Student



  • Maipas Aisulu, Rotation Student. April 2019 ~ July 2019.
  • Miko Yamazawa, Research Intern. February 2019 ~ April 2019.
  • Julian Katzke, Rotation Student. September 2018 ~ December 2018.
  • Cassie-Marie Peigné, Postdoctoral Scholar. April 2016 ~ August 2018.
  • Evropi Toulkeridou, Graduate Student.
  • Tracy Audisio, Rotation Student. September 2017 ~ December 2017.
  • Setsuko Nakanishi, Staff Scientist. January 2015 ~ December 2016.
  • Yumiko Mishima, Staff Scientist. September 2011 ~ September 2014.
  • Pan Soonsawad, Postdoctoral Scholar. September 2013 ~  May 2014.
  • Hirotoshi Furusho, Technician. July 2011 ~ May 2015.
  • Jakub Kolodziejczyk, Technician. May 2012 ~ July 2014.
  • Faisal Mahmood, Graduate Student. September 2012 ~ March 2017.
  • Märt Toots, Graduate Student. September 2012 ~ June 2017.
  • Ruby May Andales, Technician. April 2013 ~ September 2014.
  • Kenneth Baughman, Rotation Student.  September 2012 ~ December 2012.
  • Nino Espinas,  Rotation Student. January 2013 ~ April 2013.
  • Simon Peter Mekhail, Rotation Student. September 2013 ~ January 2014.
  • Farzana Rahman, Rotation Student. January 2014 ~ April 2014.
  • Hong Huat Hoh, Rotation Student. January 2016 ~ April 2016.
  • Jiafu Zeng,  Research Intern. October 2015 ~ March 2016.
  • Olivia Leavitt, Research Intern. March 2014 ~ June 2015.
  • Reetesh Akhouri, Visiting Researcher. October 2013 ~ October 2014.
  • Lennart Svensson, Visiting Researcher. October 2013 ~ December 2013.