August 2020 Newsletter

August in the School Age Program


Summer Vacation Program

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year's one-week summer vacation program. Kids had fun playing with water balloons in the mornings. They increased their environmental awareness by cleaning the beach, and they made some amazing sand castles (check out the photo album!). Children challenged themselves with catapult contests, made very successful egg drop contraptions, made exploding planets, and tie-dyed handkerchiefs in different patterns among many other activities. We hope they had a good time and learned a few things!




August Holiday Program

We have been very happy to offer holiday program to kids whose schools are still on summer vacation. In addition to toothpick sculptures, nano-block challenges, and egg-citing science, our holiday program kids have been directing and acting in a play complete with costumes, choreography, and lots of characters.



September Holiday Program coming up!

Public schools are off on Wednesday, September 2nd for an Okinawan holiday. Don't forget to enroll in holiday program if you wish your child to attend the SAP on that day. We look forward to seeing all the children who attend! Please note: children who enroll after August 20th will need to bring their own morning snack, afternoon snack, and lunch. Everyone needs a water bottle and a hat!


沖縄の祝日により公立学校は9月2日水曜日はお休みになります。その日にお子さんをSAPに参加させたい場合は、必ずホリデープログラムに登録してください。参加する子ども達に会えるのを楽しみにしています! また、8月20日以降に入所するお子さんは必ず、朝のおやつと午後のおやつ、昼食を持参してください。子ども達全員、水筒と帽子が必須です!


The SAP continues to follow the prefectural guidelines to prevent COVID-19 infections and keep our children, families and staff safe. We have worked with BFM to keep the SAP area separate from the rest of Seaside House in order to minimize disruption of either facility in the unlikely event of a positive diagnosis of COVID-19 in OIST. For this reason, we remind families to use the separated SAP entrance when picking up or dropping off your children. SAP staff regularly remind children to wear masks properly and wash their hands regularly as well as practicing social distancing, speaking in quiet voices, and not facing another child directly when they are eating or drinking. Thanks to everyone's cooperation, we are able to maintain a healthy environment.



Typhoon Season

Okinawa's typhoon season has begun. On days when there is a typhoon, we may send an email to parents to come pick up their children early in order to arrive home before roads become too dangerous for you and our staff to drive on. Please check your email frequently. The SAP will do everything possible to keep children and staff safe during the sometimes unpredictable weather this season brings. In our new Seaside House location, our front yard turns into a bit of a swamp during heavy rains. Unfortunately, typhoon safety regulations require us to secure anything that can be blown away by strong winds, including the mats outside. We apologize for the inconvenience.




The Children's Library at the SAP is always accepting donations of children's books in any language. If there are books your child has outgrown that are in good enough condition for other children to enjoy (no missing/torn pages), please consider donating them to our library.



Photo Album

The August SAP photo album can be found here:


8月の SAP写真アルバムはこちらからご覧ください :