Learning Club

There are baically two activities in this Learning Club.
One is for adults, and the other one is for kids.

[Learning club for adults]  (in preparation)

The goal of this club activity is to enhance skills, share information and motivate each other. 

Wednesdays : 12:10-12:50
                 Using the lunch time to watch videos for computer skills and chat at a meeting room (A150)
Fridays : 18:00-20:00 
                 Basically free studying time. The meeting place is Pulmeria, Gardens.

[Arithmetic & Math club for kids]

Ryo Ito - Sensei
Ryo-san who has more than 10 years of teaching experiences at major Japanese Juku(塾) will be teaching kid's math before OIST, and has been teaching kids even since joining the OIST. 
The class can be adjusted by request depending on the kids' target levels.

e.g. Special courses for 数検 (mathematics proficiency test) / Accelerated learning to skip a grade / Public school review class etc..

Available time : 60-90 minutes for one class

Mondays : Available from 17:40 to 19:40
Tuesdays : Fully Booked 
Wednesdays : Fully Booked for the time being
Thursday : Not availble due to the adults learning activity
Friday : Not available

Place : TBD ( Zoom classes are possible )

The cost for the class is monthly, and will be 5,000 JPY including text books. There is a limited registration of 1 - 4 students depending on the class contents, and it is first come first serves by registration.

The class can be very flexible and Ryo-san can discuss what is the best for your kids.

Contact : ryo.ito@oist.jp