RSD attribution policy

RSD policy on Attribution in Scientific Publications

Attribution is a cornerstone of the scientific publishing system. It produces a record of contributions to scientific publications and assigns both credit and responsibility to the contributors. The research support sections at OIST are research collaborators and must get attribution whenever appropriate.

The RSD sections, like researchers, are evaluated on our contributions to the scientific output here at OIST. Our contributions determine in part what budget we will get and, in turn, what level of service we can provide to you in the future. These contributions are measured by attribution in publications.

Types of attribution

When you use our services, we require authorship or acknowledgement as appropriate. The criteria are the same as for any other scientific collaborator. We give general guidelines below; each RSD section may have more specific guidelines in addition to these.

We require *authorship* when an RSD section member has provided substantial intellectual contributions:

  • Contributed to the conception or design of a project, an experiment or a piece of equipment, or provided critical input or original ideas;
  • Non-routine acquisition, analysis or interpretation of data;
  • Drafted or revised the paper or part of it.

We require *acknowledgement* for contributions that are substantial but do not fully meet the criteria for authorship above. In addition, acknowledgement is needed for:

  • Technical assistance, or scientific or technical advice;
  • Substantial use of facilities that led to the publication;
  • Writing or editing assistance.

Please refer to the individual research support sections for more specific guidelines.

How to assign attribution

We ask that you credit the RSD section along with specific section members as appropriate. For authorship, please use the affiliation below, suitably edited to comply with any specific publication criteria:

"XXX section, Research Support Division, OIST"

For acknowledgement, please use the line below:

"We are grateful for the help and support provided by the XXX section of Research Support Division at OIST."

Or with name and optional title:

"We are grateful for the help and support provided by [Dr.] J. Doe from the XXX section of Research Support Division at OIST."

We also ask that you send to the section a PDF copy of the publication along with a DOI number or other way of identifying the reference. We add it to our contributions for future evaluation.