Jumps Research Collaboration Program

OIST Jumps Research Collaboration Program
”Jump-start networking enhancement in Japan

In consideration of infection prevention of COVID-19, OIST has decided to cancel call for Jumps Research Collaboration Program for fiscal year 2021.

Call for fiscal year 2022 is undetermined at this point.
We will inform you on this website once it is decided.

We really appreciate your kind understanding.

February 19, 2021
OIST JUMPS Secretariat

[Below is application guideline for fiscal year 2020]


OIST Research Support Division (RSD) is now starting a call for research collaboration proposals from researchers from universities and research institutions in Japan to our “Jumps Research Collaboration Program” which is designed to utilize our cutting-edge core facilities. The purpose of this program is to enhance our network with universities and research institutions in Japan and to develop the skills of our technical staff. Details of the application procedure are described below. We’re looking forward many applications to this program.

December 5, 2019
Mary Collins, Provost

*This Program will be conducted by Japanese government subsidy allocated to OIST. Therefore, passage of FY2020 Japanese Government Budget is a prerequisite for this program.

Application guideline for OIST Jumps Program


1.   Area of call for applications

We welcome applications from wide range of research areas where our cutting-edge core facilities can be utilized. Major research equipment of our core facilities can be found from the link below.

Web page:https://groups.oist.jp/rsd/research-equipment-gallery-0


Faculty member or researcher of universities or research institutes in Japan who is eligible to conduct this research collaboration as a part of his/her duties of the university/institute. Students are not allowed to be a Principal Investigator of this project but can become a member of the research team. Students should join an insurance program such as “Personal accident insurance for students pursuing education and research (Gakkensai)” of Japan Educational Exchanges and Services before participating the research collaboration. (Submission of the certificate is not required.)

*Research collaboration that involves a visit of the Principal Investigator and/or research team member to OIST to work with our Research Support Section will be prioritized but we will take into consideration if such visit is not prerequisite condition from the nature of the proposed collaboration. Please consult with our Research Support Section on the necessity of visit.

3.  Duration of Research project

From April 1 2020 (after concluding Joint Research Agreement) to March 31, 2021 at the latest

4.  Budget

OIST will fund up to total of 1 million yen for the costs (travel, research reagent, consumables)  required for the research collaboration to awardee and OIST Research Support Section. (The funding can be split between the two parties)
Please consult with our Research Support Section on the breakdown of the costs.

*Please note that OIST will not fund indirect expense to awardee's institution, due to the nature of this program.

5.  How to Apply

(1) As the first step, applicants need to contact the Research Support Section in charge of the research equipment they wish to use. RSD’s major research equipment and e-mail address of Research Support Sections in charge can be found in the equipment group page linked from the page below. Inquires can be made both in English and Japanese.


The Research Support Section will discuss the request with the applicant (including breakdown of the cost to be supported) and confirm that the proposal is feasible.  

(2) Then fill-out the on-line application form and attach a letter of agreement (form 1) with a seal of head of your institution (official seal is required) as a PDF format. After your submission, an automatic reply e-mail for confirmation of receipt will be sent in approximately 15 minutes. Research Support Sections will not provide further confirmation.

6.Administration Office of Jumps Research Collaboration Program

1919-1, Tancha, Onna-son Okinawa, 904-0495
Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University
Research Support Division Jumps Research Collaboration Program Team
TEL 098−982−3578/098−966−8463
E-mail research-budget*oist.jp
(Replace * by @)

7.Submission deadline

Friday, January 31, 2020

8.Planned number of selection

5 proposals (approx.)

9.   Notification of Result

Applications will be reviewed by internal review group. The result will be sent to the applicants no later than February 28, 2020 by e-mail.

10.  Concluding Joint Research Agreement

Joint Research Agreement (designated template of OIST) will be concluded after the selection.

11.Research collaboration report and expense report

Principal Investigators are required to submit a report of outcome of the research to the Administration Office of Jumps Research Collaboration Program above, together with an expense report by no later than April 30, 2021.

12.Publishing results

If the Research Support Section staff member(s) make a significant intellectual contribution to the work, their name(s) should be considered for authorship. In all cases, when the outcome of the research collaboration is made public through publishing papers or other method, please include following texts in the acknowledgement.

This work was supported by OIST Jumps research collaboration program and Core facilities of Research Support Division, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University
本研究は、OIST Jumps共同研究プログラムおよびOIST研究支援ディビジョンのコアファシリティの支援を受けたものです。

13.  Application by awardees of the previous fiscal year

Awardees of the previous fiscal year may submit application; however, the contents of application may not be as same as that of previous fiscal year.

Please apply from the Online form