Secretariat to HSRRC

In order for human subjects research at OIST to be carried out appropriately in compliance with the Law and Guidelines, the Secretariat provides support to researchers and the HSRRC in a neutral position.


Inquiry Webform (First contact and inquiries on ethics review, etc.)
Tel ex.28497 Off-campus:098-966-8497 
Office B043a (Lab1 Level B)


Human Subjects Research Officer Tomoari Mori OIST Industrial Physician (Part-time)
Human Subjects Research Coordinator Eri Kanemoto Admin Staff, Health Center
     Dr. Tomoari Mori                  Ms. Eri Kanemoto

Support to Researchers

  • Assistance for preparing applications and reports
  • Coordination of matters involving relevant external organizations
  • Consultation regarding submission or notification to government authorities and preparation of formal documents
  • ​Training programs

When you apply for review, please:​

  • Contact the Secretariat early on when you plan a study involving human subjects.
  • Describe clearly using plain language so that subjects, in general, can understand.
  • Prepare appropriate documents in English and Japanese.
  • Researchers are responsible for preparing appropriate documents in English and Japanese (If you are in a difficult circumstance, consult with the Secretariat).