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OIST Graduate University promotes safety and health of students, employees, and other people within the university community through a array of orientation programs on safety matters, research and job- specific safety, education and training courses, and health and wellbeing programs.
The university strives to perform activities that support education and research projects, but at the same time those activities still preserve and protect the distinctive natural environment around our campus.
To achieve this general policy, Occupational Health and Safety section promotes various safety measures based on and beyond the laws and guidelines.


Roles of Occupational Health and Safety Section

  • Safety management of biological agents including recombinant DNA, pathogens and toxins
  • Safety management of research subject to human
  • Safe management of radioisotopes
  • Safety management of chemical materials including narcotics, psychotropics, poisonous and deleterious substances, high-pressure gas, and dangerous goods
  • Industrial safety and health management
  • Work environment measurement
  • Safe management of laboratory wastes
  • Management regarding security export control
  • Management of equipment and facilities subject to regulations
  • Safety management of field works
  • Safety training