Safety Orientation for Contractors and Venders (Advanced Program)


The University will hold the Safety Orientation for Contractors and Vendors who access laboratory areas frequently or those who are involved in waste collection or cleaning. Chapter 13 of the University’s PRP requires these personnel to take this orientation at least once in five years.

  1. Date and Time:  16:00-17:00, Thursday August 2, 2018
                              11:00-12:00, Friday August 3, 2018
  2. Place: B250 Seminar Room, Level B, Center Building, OIST main campus
  3. Remarks: The same content will be covered in both sessions. The orientation will be conducted in Japanese.
  4. Pre-registration: To understand the number of participants, please preregister by Friday, July 27.
  5. Certificate: Certificate will be issued for those who passed the quiz. It is valid for five years.

For any inquiries, cancellation or change of date requests after registering, contact the Occupational Health and Safety Section (

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